DORIAN Chapter 16

A new me

Y’know, its crazy how fate works. Call it karma i don’t know.
Last night i was spraying monsters; this morning I had one in my face.
Donnatella: Were you even going to tell me?!
Dorian: Tell me what?

I’d just woken up, I wasn’t in the mood for this bitch i called a wife to be screaming in my face y’know.
Donnatella: You slept with my fucking sister Dorian! You got my fucking sister pregnant! How could you!

Dorian: Those aren’t my kids, shes a fucking whore Donna! They could be any johns kids! Yeah i slept with her; and what?! She’s not let herself become Shamu the fucking whale over the last few years.
Donnatella: OH don’t be ridiculous! You know they are your kids. She spilled everything, its hard to get pregnant by someone else when she was only sleeping with one guy! And you wanna have a guess who the lucky fella was Dorian?

Dorian: I don’t fucking know, it could have been aliens, the daft bitch probably got abducted and just dreamed of me. I know I’d dream of me.
Donnatella: This isn’t anytime to be joking Dorian.
Dorian: But.. You love me Donna don’t you.
I put on my best puppy dog eyes and my sweetest voice and watched as her face softened.
I decided the best thing to do was to bullshit her,
Dorian: You know you and the kids are all i really care about Donnatella; You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, I know Ive never said this before but… I love you Donnatella. From this point on, i promise.. I’m down 100% for you, for Luna, for Micheal. I promise! no more lies, no more cheating. I’m yours baby.

Of course that whole speech was a big fucking lie, ahaha. Don’t be thinking i meant any of it; if you thought i did, you’re as dumb as she is ! speaking of, she was crying.

Donnatella: I never thought I’d hear you say those words. I Love you Dorian.
She said it with tears in her eyes, the kind of happy tears that
actually made me feel sick. But this IS what i wanted.
I started to stroke her hair, real gentle, kissing her neck as i did so, my hand softly stroking her thigh. She was disgusting these days but a lay is a lay, and she was still decent in bed.

Donnatella went of to work not long after; turns out she’d left her phone. She was never away from her phone, i guess the sex must have distracted her.. I had a quick look through it. I had to, i hate secrets. I guess the phrase curiosity killed the cat comes in here though because what i saw, made me feel sick.
She had a text from Giuseppe, my right hand fucking man. My best fucking boy, my most trusted guy! He was asking if she wanted to go on a date at my fucking restaurant! MY fucking WIFE.

As soon as i read that message my first instinct was to put a bullet in that little rats head and hers too! BUT, i made a promise to myself last night. I was done being a monster, i needed to be that father my kids could be proud of, it was their day off school, so i couldn’t just ditch them to go kill that bastard.
Instead; i took them to meet their grandparents for the first time.

Reaching my parents home was weird, the kids had never been there before; and i hadn’t been there in a long time myself, it was about six years since I’d spoken to them.
Luna was my little angel, she seemed so happy to meet them but later she told me that she wishes she’d met them when they were alive. The little weirdo took two outfits because she wanted to look nice for grandma and grandpa.

Michael on the other hand; ah, i don’t know where to start with that kid. He wants to be a chef, and firmly believes that i actually own a restaurant. Its crazy, the kid wants to be just like his old man, but i can’t exactly tell him “hey kid, I’m a crime lord who kills people. That cooking skill will get you nowhere” i mean c’mon he’s seven.

Luna though, Luna gets it.shes completely innocent, but she isn’t dense like Michael. We spent the whole afternoon at mom and dads. The Dad life wasn’t that bad, we danced, watched some movie about a dog trying to get home with his other animal friends. It was actually a good movie, it was nice. Just being able to unwind again. Peaceful even. I could get used to this.

I took the kids back around 7pm when Donnatella was home, then i got called in because some fucking gabbo had fucked up one of the deals. Before I left i found Luna at the wishing well.
I asked her what she was wishing for;

she told me she wished that monsters didn’t exist.
When i got home it was late; 11pm to be exact; I got changed out of my stuffy suit and had a quick shower before putting on some pants, then i heard it. The clinking of piano keys, i rushed to the backroom, and saw it. I don’t know what that fucking whore thought she was doing.

Donnatella: Hey baby
She said it all seductive like, dressed in a corset, stockings and heels, sat in an attempt to be seductive at my mothers fucking piano.

Dorian: who said you could fucking touch that? what are you doing Donnatella?
Donnatella: You said you loved me Dorian.. Now’s our chance to get this relationship back on track. Do you want me Dorian?
Dorian: I want you to get the fuck away from that piano you fucking whore.
I saw red, Rage completely took me over. I grabbed her arm and pulled her up and away from the piano.

Donnatella: What the fuck Dorian?! You’re hurting me!

I swung at her. I sent her head spinning.
She held her face in agony after that, drawn blood. Her cheek was cut open and her nose was bust. After what she did she deserved more than that but my anger quickly calmed after that.

Dorian: You wanna get on at me for cheating ? Why don’t ya go fuck Giuseppe??
She looked at me, disgusted.
Dorian: Yeah, I saw the texts, you filthy CUNT.
I stormed out of the room. Being in the same room as that bitch was making me physically sick.

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