Worlds Apart : chapter 10



I was worried; I don’t know what he dreamed about back at the hospital, but I could tell it had shook him, he was quiet, but it wasn’t the same quiet as before. It wasn’t the angry uncomfortable silence, he was… anxious? I could feel it, you know when you just catch a persons vibe? He never struck me as a nervous person before What could cause something like this? I tried to talk to him about it but he insisted he was fine, but i couldn’t shake the feeling that he wasn’t.

The weather must have felt it too somehow, rain was coming down heavy, like the sky was weeping or something, and an eerie fog that had crept in from nowhere. By the time we got to the hotel, it felt like we’d just driven into a horror movie.

MADISON: “..Is this the hotel?”

DORIAN: “Yup.”

The place gave me the creeps. I felt my skin crawl just imagining staying there, I took a deep breath, bracing myself as I waited for the car turn, but it didn’t, we drove right on past.

MADISON: “Uh, you missed the turn”

DORIAN: “Yeah, I know”

MADISON: “But.. Why? “

DORIAN: “Did ya see the fuckin’ place? I ain’t stayin’ at the Bates Hotel, not after all that earlier. Fuck that.”

MADISON: “I hate to be that guy, but..Its the Bates Motel, not ‘hotel’… So where are we staying?”

DORIAN: “Yeah I know but that was a hotel, not a motel y’know, jeez either way, we ain’t stayin’ there. Hows about we go back to my place?”

Back to his place?! Okay okay Madison. Play it cool. Play it cool.

MADISON: “…Sure, lets go to yours”

Yes. I was pretty damn cool about it. score 1 for Me.

MADISON: “yeah i’m one cool cat”

DORIAN: “haha, you’re a what!? A cool cat? hahaha “

I tried to think of an excuse but all I could do was cringe.

I begged the earth to open up and swallow me, but admired his ability to put up with my level of lame.

We drove for hours, I couldn’t wait to see his place, i imagined it would be one of those fancy Oasis Springs villas I used to drive past on my way to work. Imagine my surprise when we entered San Myshuno city. I’d never been here before, and i was in awe, we rode the elevator up to his penthouse. A fucking penthouse. I couldn’t believe the view! It was incredible, I could see the whole city. I felt like a moth to a flame.

DORIAN: “Ya know… There’s more windows inside”

MADISON: “I’m sorry, its just so pretty. I can’t believe you live here. I thought you lived in Oasis Springs”

DORIAN: “You’ve never been here before have ya?… Trust me it ain’t so pretty it’s a fucking sewer, and yeah, I do. This is just a place I own. I do a lotta business here so it helps having a place to crash y’know… You coming inside?”

MADISON: “Ahh that makes sense..I guess it is just the newness of it all, but i would love to see more of it when the weathers better, and sure. “

I forgot about the city completely as i wandered into the apartment. WOW.

MADISON: “Holy SHIT! This place is huge! This is amazing! “

I grew up in a trailer, and i currently live in Uni housing which isn’t exactly ‘livin’ large’. This place was crazy, i felt like i’d moved into a movie or something. I’d only seen places like this in magazines and TV, I never thought in a million years, that I would be staying the night in a place like this. It was almost too much for my eyes to even take in.

DORIAN:”Go have a look around, I have some clothes upstairs if you wanna borrow some, just pick whatever ya want. Make ya’ self comfortable”

I didn’t hesitate for a second. After exploring, I slipped into one of his shirts.

So this is how the other half live huh? Penthouse suites with pools, I was half expecting a butler to show up. I felt myself getting jealous. It’s funny, You could probably fit every place I ever lived, into this apartment and there would still be space left over. It was insane. This. This is what I’m going to have one day. Everything felt surreal.

DORIAN: “Hey! you hungry? I don’t actually have any food here but d’ya want pizza? D’ya even like pizza?”

Come to think of it. I was pretty hungry.

MADISON: “Who doesn’t like pizza?

The pizza man came and went away with a big tip, it was delicious. Dorian ended up telling me all about how San Myshuno had the best pizza, despite it being a shit hole.

MADISON: “I’ve been meaning to ask.. did you mean what you said to my Dad, about me being your girlfriend and stuff? I mean, i’m not complaining. I just wanted to know before I inevitably make a fool of myself or something.”

DORIAN: “Yeah of course I meant it. I wouldn’t have said it otherwise. Besides, it’s a right of passage ain’t it for a chick to be with a guy their Dad hates. I’m tellin’ ya though, he took it way better than some of my exes parents.”

MADISON: “Okay. My Dad was pretty fucking pissed. So If that’s not the worst.. I need deets. c’mon.”

The hours flew by after that, we talked about everything from Highschool crushes to our childhood pets. Drinking wine and eating pizza in front of the open fire. The less wine in the bottle, the deeper the conversation got.

DORIAN: “You ever thought about modelling? “

MADISON: “You’re joking right?”

DORIAN: “nah i’m dead serious, I know some guys who could get ya started… so,what exactly do ya want?”

I let the model conversation die. It was crazy talk, but his new question confused me. What do I want?

MADISON: “What do you mean?”

DORIAN: “I ain’t bein’ cryptic here, I mean, from life. What d’ya want?”

Its not something, i’d really given much thought about before. After a little hesitation I found my answer.

MADISON: “I want… everything”

DORIAN: “Heh. I guess we ain’t so different after all. I didn’t take ya for an ‘everythin’ kinda girl. ya too nice. y’know, If ya want everythin’ you gotta be ruthless. The world doesn’t give ya ‘everythin’, ya gotta take it by force.”

MADISON: “Is that how you got everything? by being ruthless? “

DORIAN: “Pretty much. I don’t recommend it. It took a while to see it but ‘everythin’ ain’t all its cracked up to be y’know. There’s more important stuff.”

MADISON: “Sure, coming from the guy who has it all.”

I turned to face him. Part of me regretted the words as soon as they left my mouth. It was like my jealousy took over for a second. But who was he to lecture me on this? I’ve had nothing my whole life. It had nothing to do with kindness or ruthlessness, but I wanted to take back my words. I didn’t want to be bitter, especially with him.

MADISON: “So what does the guy who already has everything, want from life?”

DORIAN: “Right now? I wanna shower and maybe not fall asleep on a sofa for the third night in a row”

He quickly got up and went upstairs, I followed him, before laying on the bed, it was SO comfy, but I just couldn’t seem to enjoy it. It felt like he was showering forever. It had been such a good night and i’d ruined it. Maybe he was just tired though, or just grumpy because he needed a shower? Maybe he’s not upset at all and i’m just overreacting. Either way, I needed to fix this. I wasn’t in this for huge comfy beds, or luxurious apartments. I was here because for some reason, against all the odds I ended up catching feelings for this guy. Even though every logical part of me is telling me I shouldn’t be getting attached to a known criminal. That this could be dangerous and that its probably going to end badly. Despite the fact that everyone I know, who knows about us disapproves. Even though just knowing him has nearly gotten me killed twice. The list of reasons not to be here were endless, but I didn’t care, I wanted to see where this was going. I may be a lot of things but i’m not a quitter. I grew up in fucking Strangerville, i’m used to weird. I don’t care about ‘normal’ anymore. Its time to roll with the punches.

I heard the shower stop. I unbuttoned my shirt, stood and waited. It wasn’t long before he came out of the bathroom.

DORIAN: “What are ya doin?”

MADISON: ” ….I’m TRYING to look sexy.”

DORIAN: “I told ya before that you don’t have to try.”

Before I could reply, he was kissing me.

He practically threw me onto the bed at first I was worried, I wasn’t super experienced and he seemed to know what he was doing, but it was just like last night when we were dancing as all my worry melted away.

I was overwhelmed with pleasure, he felt amazing. He was really, good at this, it made me wonder how ‘experienced’ he actually was, but I couldn’t think straight.

We talked a while afterwards.

MADISON: “You know earlier.. when you said theres more important things than ‘everything’ what did you mean?”

DORIAN: “Y’know for a smart chick, ya pretty dense sometimes Mad. What d’ya think i meant?”


DORIAN: “Or you can just fall asleep”

I don’t really know how long I slept for, but I woke up to the sound of cryin’, Madison was fast asleep still. I sat up, my eyes were adjustin’ to the darkness. What the fuck was makin’ the cryin’ sound.

It didn’t take much detective work, as soon as I stood up and looked around I saw HER. Did I forget to lock the door or somethin’ fuck. How’d she get in here?

DORIAN: “Hey Lady. I think you have the wrong Apartment. Whatta ya doin’ here?”

The weepin’ just got louder. Madison still didn’t wake up, was she just not hearing this? No. That wasn’t it, I was dreamin’. I had to be. It felt so real though, but then again so did my dream at the hospital. This was fuckin’ nuts, what the fuck was going on?

DORIAN: “Hey. Did ya hear me? What are ya doin’ here? who are you?”

LADY: “I’m mourning. Have you already forgotten me Dorian?”

That voice. It was my moms voice, just like before at the hospital I had a good look at the woman, she looked like my mom did when I was a kid. Yeah, this had to be a dream, but i couldn’t help but be pulled into it. It’s my mom. Y’know.

DORIAN: “Mom? Is it really you?”

LADY: “Yes it’s me, you aren’t dreaming Dorian. This is VERY real. “

DORIAN: “Well ain’t that what a dream would tell me? How do I know it’s really you? Tell me somethin’ only me and you know?”

LADY: “Even If I were to tell you something Dorian it wouldn’t change anything. If i were a dream I would know the answers anyway… Because your subconscious would know…. Just trust me.”

DORIAN: “I don’t know if I can. Seein’ that my mom died 3 days ago, i’m havin’ a hard time believin’ her younger self is talkin’ to me in my fuckin’ bedroom. Seems a bit far fetched dont’cha think? I mean I ain’t smart but I ain’t dumb y’know. Besides Madison hasn’t woke up, if you were really here she’d have woken up too right?”

LADY: “hmm. Don’t worry about her Dorian. Shes destined to have a peaceful night. Come closer child and we’ll talk about why i’m here, I have something very important to tell you. Please, listen to me first before you dismiss me”

She sounded like mom, her voice was the same, but she didn’t SPEAK like my mom, I didn’t wanna go over there, but this looked like the only way i was gonna get any answers from this cryptic bitch, so i played along with the ‘momposter’.

LADY: “Do you see her Dorian? “

DORIAN: “Madison?”

LADY: “Yes. What do you think this is between you and her? Where do you think its going?”

DORIAN: I think its gonna go somewhere… and I think we both have feelin’s for each other. what kinda fucking question is that? If ya were really my mom you’d be throwin’ a party for me; gettin’ a girl like her”

LADY: “You think this will go somewhere? I will tell you where this is going. You will bring nothing to her life but pain, death and blood. She was supposed to be happy this time Dorian. You are an unfortunate side effect and nothing more. We tried to help you too. We tried to change your path but it had unforeseen consequences. You were never meant to cross paths with each other, you are a thorn that needs trimming, a cancer that we can no longer operate on. But you can fix this. Sure Madison is happy with you now, but you will ruin her Dorian. Go back to Donnatella and be thankful that you aren’t rotting in hell already.”

I tried to follow what she was sayin’ but it was confusin’ like she was talkin in riddles. I was hearin’ the words but it wasn’t makin any sense, ‘side effect’ and ‘supposed to be happy this time’ what the fuck does any of this mean?! I was lost. But i knew one thing for sure. She wasn’t my mom.

DORIAN: “What the fuck are ya talkin’ about? you’re talkin’ shit. You ever stop to think instead of me ‘ruinin’ her’ she might make me better? huh.”

DORIAN: “Hell would fucking freeze over before my mom would ever tell me to go back to Donnatella you stupid bitch. So ya can drop the act and show some fuckin’ respect and stop wearin’ her face. Who the fuck are you? …What are you? “

LADY: ” Fine. I’m not your precious mother. I am something far beyond your understanding child. You have 8 years Dorian, you have 8 years and so does she . At least have the decency to spare her from the same fate that awaits you. Leave her. “

DORIAN: “8 years until what?! Give me a fucking straight answer! I’m not leaving her because some crazy bitch says I should!”

I’d barely finished my sentence when i felt her hand around my throat. My feet were off the ground. She was strong, her grip was like a vice.

LADY: “How do you expect to bring happiness to her life if you can’t even tell her the truth? If you persist on staying with her. I suggest you change your ways.”

DORIAN: “WHAT *ugh* ARE *ughh* YOU?”

LADY: “CHANGE. YOUR. WAYS. MORTAL. Start with telling her the truth”

DORIAN: “*Ugh* I’ll *ugh* I’ll do it “

I guess I told her what she wanted to hear, because my knees hit the ground pretty quick afterwards.

LADY: “Arrogant mortal. Don’t presume to lie to me. You are a wretch. A worm.”

DORIAN: “I ain’t lyin’ i’ll do it”

LADY: “Hmm maybe there is salvation for you afterall… Then again, perhaps not. I’ll return to you when the time is right, until then i’ll be watching”

Her face changed before my eyes, decay spread all across her face.

DORIAN:”What do you mean ‘when the time is right’?”

LADY: “You’ll know. You’ll see the signs. I’ll be leaving now Dorian.”

No. no. no she can’t leave now theres too many questions I tried to stand.

LADY: “No child. stay down”

I couldn’t move. what the fuck was this?


She disappeared in what looked like black fire. Her words were ringin’ in my head and they still didn’t make any fucking sense. I was expectin’ to wake up in bed at any moment. C’mon wake up, no way this actually happened. No way. This kinda stuff ain’t real. Fuck. I made my way downstairs, I needed a fucking hit.

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