DORIAN Chapter 17


Its hard to avoid someone you live with; but Donnatella was trying as hard as she could to do it. Over the next day or two we didn’t speak, if i was in the same room she’d clutch her face dramatically. Drama queen.
She’d been needing that punch for a long time. HA. Really proves loves a lotta bullshit. I was right all along. Cheating whore.
I was happy to go into work, it’d get me away from that waste of breath. Fucking WOMEN! fuck.
Work was same old, same old, just business, its after work where the day got interesting. I didn’t feel like stayin at the restaurant and home was a no go, and I’d had enough of whores already for today so by chance; I went to Mimsy’s cafe. That’s where I met Emily Gray.
Emily: what’cha having mister ?
Dorian: Coffee, Tall, black sweetheart.
I flashed her a cheeky grin and a sly wink. Why the fuck not, i’ll probably be the most attractive guy to ever give her attention. Gives her something to think about on those lonely nights
I did tell her to make it snappy but jeez, She brought it over pronto, like seriously i dunno how the silly bitch didn’t spill it all over herself.
Dorian: ey, ey! Calm down Road runner!
Emily: road runner? who even watches looney tunes anymore? she laughed.
She laughed at me?
Dorian: Yeah, well at least i don’t dress like i just started pre-school.
She looked down at her pink and white checked apron. when her head came back up, i realised a smirk had spread across her face. This bitch…
Emily:pfft! WEAK! Is that the best you’ve got?
Dorian: When d’ya get off work? I’ll show ya the best.
Emily: 5 mins. I’m trying to get as many tips in as possible before i finish. That’s why i was running.. sorry if you thought you were special mister.
Dorian: Oh, ya breaking my heart here sugar.
I drank my coffee, I couldn’t help but watch the waitress darting about like a fucking lunatic. Low and behold 4 mins later she was there sat across from me.

Emily: So. You gotta name?
Dorian: Dorian.
Emily: Lothario? .. I nodded smugly.
Emily: Wow! I hear that you’re a cunt.
Ok. I was in two fucking minds here, part of me really wanted to kill her, the other part was too damn intrigued. She was crazy.
Emily: My names Emily by the way; Emily Gray.

Fuck. She was weird. We ended up chatting shit all day at that crappy table, most of it was spent telling each other to go fuck ourselves. I didn’t get it. Something about her calmed me. I didn’t even wanna fuck this chick! It was just … a friendship? I dunno. I hugged her as i was leaving, her perfume smelt familiar but even more that that, she had one of those faces y’know, it was familiar like i’d seen her in a dream or some shit.

I just couldn’t put my finger on it. It drove me crazy on the drive home. All of that ended though when i saw Donnatellas car was missing from the drive.

Quickly snapping out of my Emily haze; I realized the lights were off too, my concern turned to panic as i rushed around each room, Donnatella was gone; and so were my kids.
I was just about to go hunting for that fucking whore, when I heard a car pull up outside; rushing outside to confront my fucking bitch wife; i was tackled by two pigs.

The boys in blue back at it again at my weakest moments. I fucking swear these guys wait for the worst possible time to arrest my ass.

Officer: Dorian Lothario you are under arrest for suspicion of murder of one Vincenzo De Luca, and the assault and Battery of Mrs. Donnatella Lothario.

You have the right to remain silent anything you say may be used against you in a court of law, You have the right to an attorney, if you can not get an attorney one will be appointed to you. Do you understand?

I kept silent this time. I was FUCKED.

Seriously? You thought I was fucked? Its Me! C’mon!!!
I got 4 years in total; 3 years; as an accessory to murder; we pinned it on Sal and i got another year on top on that for assault against a pregnant woman. Yeah turns out Donnatella was knocked up again. Go figure.

 Of course in those 4 years that bitch couldn’t resist coming to rub it in my face. She struts over to my cell real cocky like she just won a million bucks, a huge smile on her face, I didn’t even speak;
Donnatella: Nice place Dorian, animals like you belong in cages. It would be even better if they put you down. Like the rabid fucking DOG you are.
I smirked at her. i’d riled her up a bit, it was cute, until she decided to carry on talking.

Donnatella: You took something from me a long time ago, Dorian. Now its my turn to take something from you.
You are never going to see your kids again.

I should have been boss! But you fucking took that away! you took my dreams Dorian. Now i’m taking the only thing you ever even gave two shits about.
Fuck you Dorian Lothario, I’ll see ya in hell baby. she added as she turned to leave.

She turned to walk away. i couldn’t get Luna and Michael out of my mind.
She kept walking. Not even a fucking moment of hesitation.

About 5 mins later Marky the guard came over to my cell.
Y’know the funny thing about having people in your pocket? They check addresses on ID’s for you.

No one takes my things. EVER.

3 more years Donnatella; 3 years….

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