DORIAN Chapter 15


 Heads up its a long one!

Over the next 3 years after that night at the club with Blaze, I was determined to be the biggest cunt ya could think of. I wanted Blaze to feel bad, I wanted her to see; Of course for her to see in my line of work I would have to make the news. I was a complete bastard, my boys already feared me but after that night, In the passing years i saw grown men, wise-guys cry. Ahaha I remember this one guy Tony. He had balls, some big balls, he decided to confront me…
 He made it about 5 steps away from me before he was on the floor dead. I wish he hadn’t had to get cocky.. He ruined my carpet. He was a lesson. The others fell in line.

 We never sold to high school kids before; but thanks to Blaze we did.This one night, me and the boys are having a poker night. Some fucking freak in lipstick bursts in, asking to see the boss, i told him.
“You’re looking at him” ,

 He replied with a laugh “yeah, yeah, sure kid..wheres the real boss, this Lothario guy, the guy who fucked my girl Harley”, well, Y’know, I hate to be disrespected.

I tackled him to the ground he pulled my gun to his own forehead, daring me to shoot…

I put a solitary bullet in his brain before he could say another word. He had a forehead tattoo that read ‘damaged’.. He clearly was if he thought fucking with me was a good idea. The family had never been more successful, we were on top. the other families even thought about fucking with us they were gone. I was a mad dog.Rabid, that was business though.
The tabloids and the news channels started getting involved when i started killing my hookers.When they started finding the filthy whores bodies i got a nickname. “The San Myshuno slasher ” they called me; it had a nice ring to it; I enjoyed reading the stories far from the action. Comfortably sat in my fancy Oasis Springs villa.
It took 3 years for Blaze to call. I’d finally cracked her.

Blaze Lothario; I felt guilty the moment i left that club. I knew. I knew a shit storm was coming. I just hoped that it wouldn’t, the thing is Dorian had always been Dark. But the worst part about him? He looked like an angel, people usually expect monsters to be ugly, with sharp teeth and claws. The monsters in real life, they look just like you or me. You never see a persons true colours until they want you to see them. I saw Dorian’s a long time ago. He was always our parents golden child, he was that kid that would do anything for them, he really was a perfect son. They felt so horrible when they found out he was being bullied at school. I remember being really confused as a kid, because Dorian was never bullied. I never understood why he told them he was until it was too late. It was pure manipulation. I’d known Dorian had a dark side or a long time. Hes actually part of the reason i became a vegetarian to be honest seeing dead animals really puts you off eating them, He was six and i was 11, Aphrodite had just got a pet hamster and omg he was jealous. He begged our parents for one for so long and they said no. One day Aphrodite’s hamster went missing, everyone assumed it had escaped but once you see a hamster in a six year olds bin, you can put 2 and 2 together. I never told on him though. I couldn’t because besides all the darkness; he could genuinely be a sweet heart. I had been through a lot and Dorian was always the one who was there for me, there for our parents, there for everybody.
Knowing how kind he could be; it broke my heart to see the news and have all my fears come true.

TV: Another body has been found, supposedly another victim of the San Myshuno Slasher, this brings the death count up to 30 known victims at this moment. We recommend that women stay away away from the red light district after 7pm and do not travel alone. Police are making their best efforts to bring the culprit to justice however as of this moment there are no suspects or evidence. Police are reaching out; if anyone knows anything that could help this invest- ”

I couldn’t take it, i knew exactly who it was, I’d researched people like Dorian as a teenager, and this had always been my biggest fear. Tears started to fill her eyes as Jihya got home, alarmed by her wives crying Jihya rushed over to her.

That was the night, i called him. 3 years of no contact, and i called him. It sounds crazy but you know what i said?

I said I was sorry.

Dorian Lothario:
It was a cold night when Blaze called. I could barely tell what she was saying She was a wreck. It made me smile. This is what ‘d waited 3 years to hear. I knew she would break eventually. She always did. I listened patiently waiting for the words i wanted to hear;

Blaze: I’m sorry Dorian”
Bada bing bada boom, there was the magic words.
Dorian: Its okay Blaze, i guess it was just the anger. I don’t blame you for how you’ve acted.” I replied.
Blaze: Dorian, can you stop this now? what you’ve been doing. I don’t want anything to happen to you”
Dorian: We’ll see Blaze.
I hung up on her after that. I loved my sister but she’s not getting off that easy.

The next 4 years after that were a blur, Donnatella had piled on way too much weight for me, she looked like a pig. Holy fuck, and i couldn’t deal with the constant nag, nag, nag.

I found myself at the wildcard strip joint more and more.
One night. I was there with Paulie my right hand man, and this new kid, real up and comer, Jace Caulfield. I met him not long after banging his sister, I saw a lot of myself in the kid.
Anyway, this night, its the night i saw her.

I hadn’t seen her for a long time and there she was, sat in the cage dancing.
Adrianna Bianchi. She was decked out in a white bikini stiletto heels and a pink wig. Going by the name of Chastity. Chastity my ass, The dirty whore was down for anything. What started as a lap dance turned into an affair.

There was no sibling loyalty between her and Donnatella, clearly.
What kind of sister fucks her sisters husband? What a whore. Gotta say though, she’d improved since i first slept with her.

I guess practice does make perfect after all. We looked good together, i found myself going to the club more and more just to see her.

She started coming to the restaurant more and more too; It was good. Suddenly she stopped showing up. I tried to call but there was never any answer.
Oh well.

It was 9 months later when she called me; She’d had twins.
“hey Dorian, i just thought you should know i had twins; and you’re the father, I knew if i told you earlier then you’d just tell me to get rid of them but what me and you have its more than just sex. I love you Dorian. Hows about you come be with me instead of Donnatella ? ”

Dorian: Why would I leave my wife for a dirty fucking whore like you. Those aren’t my kids and you? You are nothing to me. You never were.

I hung up and went to bed. I was woken up not long after that by my 7 year old daughter; she wanted me to spray the monster under the bed. I looked at her; She was my angel. Besides my mother, this little girl was the only female i gave a shit about.

Spray the monster huh? It had been 7 years …
I looked at her face, you could see the fear in her eyes. The poor thing was shaking.
“Yeah no problem sweetie. I’ll go kick that monsters butt” I joked, and gave her a hug as she guided me towards the monster.

This kid had enough monsters in her life… She didn’t need her dad to be another one. It was time to be a father.

Jace Caulfield- credit to Amanda Richard and her sim 😀 he’s gonna be great !

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