DORIAN Chapter 12

Til death

2 months after Sal had asked me to marry Donnatella, the big day came. Those 2 months felt like two years. The day I had been dreading was finally here.
I gotta admit she looked gorgeous as she walked towards me, a big smile on her face; i don’t know about hers but mine was fake.
I’d spent the whole morning trying to psych myself up for this and I still wasn’t ready. Her father Sal was a big motivation though and he’d brought his muscle Rocco with him. If i fucked this up, I was dead. I heard there’s 72 virgins up there but spending the afterlife with a bunch of inexperienced frigid bitches ain’t my kinda fun if you get me. Shit, I was daydreaming, She was just in my face, looking at me, jeez. I liked it more when she was a bitch, not this hopeful bride bullshit.
I stroked her face. Well I gotta put on a good performance for the guests…. and Sal.
After the ceremony i did the usual bullshit you see people in movies doing at these things y’know hugging people making toasts all that sugar coated shit that makes little girls dream about being a blushing bride.
Later on when most people had gone home, Sal and I talked. He was cryin’.

Sal Pov:
I wanted to apologise to the kid; I never wanted him to do this; i just wanted Donnatella to be happy. Shes my daughter, any father would have done the same. She told me he’d never do it on his own so i stretched the truth, told him it was for me, pulled some strings. y’know. I knew he was never gonna be faithful to her, me and the kid had joked about it. But she wanted him and shes my princess, gotta give her what she wants right?

Sal: I’m sorry about this kiddo, I really am. You gave this old man one last happy memory before he has to go on up to kick some gavone of a cloud and take it. I hope ya can forgive me kid.

Dorian: Ahh Sal fuh’get about it. I know how to take my wedding ring off if i wanna, i got Comares lining up to be with me and its not like Donnatella is facia bruta.

Sal: Hahah, thats true kiddo, with a face like that you’ll have a mistress within the hour.

Dorian: Sal, sal. Sal? What d’ya take me for? An hour pfft. Give me 10 mins.

Dorian laughed a deep laugh, Sal was not as hearty. He was still hunched with sadness, a solitary tear ran down his face. Dorian leaned in for a friendly hug, to which Sal accepted.
“You’ll do great things as the Don, Dorian, your father would be proud”, Sal whispered to Dorian.

The kid was joking but i know he’s not happy. I went downstairs to my beautiful daughter
Sal: I hope you’re happy Donna.
Donnatella: Thank you, for doing this. He’s mine now, I own him.
Sal: *Silence*
Sal: I should get going, you looked beautiful today princess.

I grabbed my hat and left, Dorian would be boss by the morning and Donnatella; I made her happy one last time.

Dorian Pov:

The part of today that I’d actually been looking forward to came around, Donna had on some real nice lingerie, that wouldn’t be real nice for long after i ripped them off of her. I started kissing her, it felt good it always does. Then just as I’m about to fuck her;

Donnatella: I love you Dorian.
She whispered.

FUCK. The one part of this shit fucking day, she has to open her stupid whore mouth. Fuck! She knew its like she’s trying to PISS me off. I instantly dropped her on the bed, NOPE. not doing this. I knew if i stayed anywhere near her I’d end up smacking her the moment she tried to talk to me so i went and sat on the nearby sofa. I heard her moving,

Donnatella: Do-
Dorian: Shut the Fuck up.
I snapped her.
She quickly snatched back the hand she’d just placed on my shoulder walking away. I think I upset her. Good. Maybe she’ll learn I’m not the type of guy you say shit like that to.

The next morning, Adrianna and Giuseppe called us; Sal was dead.

Apparently it was an overdose. He’d left me a note which Giuseppe delivered later that day.

It read; ” You’ll be great kiddo, I’ve gone to visit your father, it’s been a long time. “

Fuck! wow.
When Donnatella found me next i was on my knees.

Looks like I’m “Don” Lothario now… I did it! I’m the boss

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