DORIAN Chapter 11

Ball & Chain

It felt good to be a free man. After a year in Newcrest Pen, Yeah, that early release for good behavior went out the window pretty quickly, but c’mon did you really expect ME to get out early. After serving my full sentence, I was out, my suit still fitted nicely.Good.
Donnatella met me at the gate. She wanted to ‘celebrate’, but for once I had something more important to do; I went straight to the penthouse and found it empty.

Donnie had ghosted on me. All he left were my mothers instruments. Looks like hes not a complete idiot after all.
Donnatella: Looks like someones guilty, What ya gonna do to him?
Dorian: Nothing. – she was shocked, i had never seen her so confused.

This penthouse was cursed. We stayed at Sals that night, the next day he set me up with a house next to his home in Oasis Springs. A few weeks later Donnatella moved in. If we were gonna keep up this sham relationship we might as well look legit right? plus it meant there was always someone to keep my bed warm. If ya catch my drift. Dumb bitch. I don’t think she realized i was using her as much as she was using me.
It was my turn to host poker night, I remember it clearly, Friday the 16th of June, the day i realized i never wanted to host another poker night.

As usual the poker itself was fine, we had some laughs, had a drink or two, Donnatella had become a regular, and Sal being Sal decided to take me to one side and i knew what was coming.

Here we go; whats the old man got up his sleeve for me now.
Dorian: Who you want whacking this time Sal.
Sal: Haha, kiddo no ones getting whacked. I have a favor to ask you though.

That’s when he dropped the bomb. That’s when i found out it was my fucking death sentence he’d signed.

Sal: Dorian, Ive spoke to the doc and i have 4 months left. I can’t leave without walking at least one of my daughters down the aisle.

Dorian: Am i hearing this right Sal?!
Sal: In 4 months I’ll be gone kid, you’ll be the boss. Isn’t that enough for you to grant this old man one last favor? C’mon kid this is my death wish, 4 months from now i’m gonna be hittin up them pearly gates and I’m leaving my whole life’s work to you. You and Donnatella have been together a while now so won’t you just let me have my dream kid? i don’t beg but Please Kid.

Dorian: You get what youre asking me right Sal?! Its fucking crazy, no disrespect intended but at least let me think about it!?

Sal: Think about this kid; Ive already talked to Donnatella about it, Ive made the arrangements, i already paid for it all. So all you have to do is show up. Play your part, I love you kid, I love you like my own, and i don’t want to die and have Donnatella end up with some Gavone who don’t know how to handle her. You coulda sung in prison and you didnt youre a stand up guy Dorian. Perfect for her, I want you to be real family. My son-in-law. You do want to be boss when im gone dont’cha kiddo? He smiled at me, the way he always smiles at me.

I couldn’t answer him, I ran up to the bathroom and threw up, I tried to psych myself up, ‘Marriage’ the word made me shiver.

I went into my bedroom, I needed to sort my head out. Sal was trying to blackmail me into marrying his daughter.

It was her and the power or nothing…

I don’t know how long i was upstairs before Sal came to check on me,
Sal:Dorian, I’m not asking you to be faithful. Men have needs. All i want is the wedding. C’mon kid what d’ya say?

I thought for a while, I could still have any woman i wanted, a lot of guys had mistresses. Marriage wasn’t too bad i guess. I could be free AND married right?

Dorian: looks like i’ll need a new suit Sal. Know any good Tailors? Ive been on holiday a while.
I flashed a playful smile at the old man.
His eyes brightened.

Nothing would stand in the way of me being the boss. Just 4 months left and bada bing bada boom.

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