DORIAN Chapter 13


I did it, I fucking did it! I was the boss;
Sals funeral came and went by, no one argued with Sal’s decision. He made the right choice; no one can do things like I can. I’m Dorian FUCKING Lothario.
I had power; if I wanted something done; it was done. I want those weapons moving? done. Those drugs pushing? done. I was untouchable, I had most of the police in my pocket; judges on the payroll, and most importantly i had control over everyone.
Fear and respect kept my boys in line.
With Donnatella; it was LOVE.
You see when someone loves you, you have complete control over them. Donnatella’s biggest mistake was falling for me. Sure we had our moments, as much as i hate to say it; we were good together; I let her pretend she had a say on things. It made her feel good, the dumb bitch still wanted to be boss; i played along. I let her feel important. It was kinda funny watching her, making calls that I’d instantly dismiss as soon as the stupid whore left. Her shotcalling was terrible. Women can’t run an organisation like this.
Married life wasn’t that bad either; i realized quickly if i divorced the Cunt i would have to give her half of MY things, i hate sharing and theres no way she was gonna break me; for the first 8 months; I felt free; i did more coke, slept with more hoes, i had mistresses left right and center. most of them were just in it for a few lines, but a fuck is a fuck and I’m not kidding i fucked every bitch, from Amanda to Zoe,

 Crazy chicks,

 cute chicks ugly chicks,

ghost chicks, pregnant,


 it didn’t matter if it had legs i was between them.Bitches like drugs, money and power and i had all 3. It was 9 months after the marriage when Donnatella told me she was pregnant, i noticed the bump and thought she’d just piled on he pounds y’know.

I got a slap; i got a lot of slaps. Lucky for her she can’t slap for shit or she’d get one back. About 6 months months later she gave birth to twins.

 My twins. I don’t know why I accepted them but i did; fuck, i didn’t even go to the hospital with her but as soon as she brought those kids back, i couldn’t fucking help myself. A girl and a boy. I named my daughter Luna; I had to;

the boy; Michael; named for Donnatellas grandfather. I loved the kids, they were part of me; if Donnatella thought I’d ever love her or thank her for it she would be waiting a while; dumb bitch.

She went soft after the kids were born; I hated it; She lost her fire and that fire was the only reason she was hot to begin with. She changed a lot. She was always asking where I’d been, she knew but she always asked, id always reply by saying;
“I was working late” or ” i had clients to take care of “,
but any moron can see when their husband smells like sex and some other chicks perfume, when his breath smells like booze and any one with eyes can see a few crumpled notes in a pocket and a white ring on a nostril. Guaranteed I’d get a slap.
Of course when the kids weren’t at school I’d be there. The first 7 years flew by, i was a fucking model father! On weekends I’d teach Luna piano, and I’d help Michael with his homework. Boys gonna be smarter than i ever was, he had to be, he had a business to run when he’s older.

I guess you’d call this catching up, the drinks on you next time.

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