DORIAN:chapter 19


The eve of my execution. Tomorrow morning i was gonna meet old sparky. I never thought my life would end like this.
I had two visitors that day, one was Emily.

I couldn’t look at her, I couldn’t speak.
Emily: “I’d ask if ya okay but it’s a silly question right mister?”
I didn’t answer, she looked too much like her.. my mother It didn’t help that she had a fresh set of wounds all over her face. Emily was an angel. She shouldn’t even be in a place like this talking to a guy like me.
Dorian: “Just go. Leave me alone.”
Emily: “Have i done something wrong? Whats up?”
Dorian: “Just leave!! For FUCKS SAKE leave me alone”.
Emily: “Y’know i never met a guy as strange as you. I probably never will again. I’m gonna miss ya. I’ll get outta here now.. Catch ya on the flip side. ”
I watched as she left, i felt bad , yeah i do that now, its fucking awful. y’know, the guilt free life is a lot easier. Fucking Emily.

Not long after that, i got a blast from the past. Her name was Violet Caulfield. I was a close friend of her Brother Jace. I’d knocked her up a long time ago. I guess Jace being Jace must’a told her I was in here.

Violet : “Long time no see Dorian. I just want you to know, I really did like you a lot, the kids look just like you y’know.”
I don’t know why i snapped at her, she was a nice girl.

I called her back as she began to leave.
Dorian: “Vi, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that okay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry i abandoned you and I’m sorry I’ll never get to see em. Your brother Jace, he’s a stand up guy.. He’s headed the same way i went tell him to watch his back around those mafia snakes okay, and you?! You are fucking gorgeous sweetheart. You tell them kids to be good OK, don’t let em end up like me baby.”
She reached through the cell to me, her tiny wrists fitted through the mesh of the cage. I was gonna be a dead man tomorrow i didn’t want her to think i cared in that way.

Dorian: “Find a good guy. Settle down. Stay away from guys like me” I turned away from he, I couldn’t see her but i could hear it.

She was crying, Her crying echoed through the whole prison, it was awful. I could feel her remorse, and even after she left i could hear the sound. I couldn’t sleep that night because her cries were stuck on a loop in my head it was driving me crazy.

Each night i had dreamed of all the awful shit that I’d done, reliving every memory. Everything from the high pitch squeaking of Aphrodite’s hamster as my six year-old self cut it open, to the cold dead eyes of Donnatella mangled corpse. I was relieved to be put down. THIS remorse BULLSHIT isn’t my fucking style.

7:00 am.
Strapped into my death I was facing the most handsome man.. Myself.
I was looking at a two way mirror.
Dorian: “who’s my audience boss? ”
Guard: Your family. a few others.
I could tell he was lying to me.

-Emily Pov-

I never woulda thought I’d be seein someone gettin’ bbq’d in prison but here I am. The chick nexta me has been crying since Dorian sat down,

the mister on the other side o’ me, well he says he’s Dorian’s brother. Donnie i think he said his name was. He seems like a dick. As they fried Dorian he kinda just started laughing like a lunatic.

Which led the blond kid next to him to punch him square in the face; i shouldn’t laugh but the guy had it comin ya know, I think the blond was called Jace? Hm i never got the other chick or the inmates names but the chick seemed cuckoo.

Dorian Lothario:

I woke up in a strange place. A forest or something, I followed a dirt path to a small cottage. Last i checked i was sat in a chair.

I knocked on the door and a familiar voice shouted for me to come in.

NO it couldn’t have been…
I was in the hallway when i heard the piano. I rushed into the room. Automatically i rushed outside. WHAT THE FUCK, not long afterwards THEY followed me outside,

Luna: Hi Dorian. Its nice to see you again.
Don: Yeah Kid. Its been a while.

It was my parents, i was confused as FUCK.
Luna: You’re dead Dorian; but now we can be a family again here.

I got to see my parents again. I knew i missed them but i never realised how much until now. I could get used to this. I looked down at myself; i was wearing white; i rushed to a mirror; I was a TEEN. i was a teen again?!

My mind was fucked but I enjoyed this surreal place I’d ended up in. I played piano with my mother for a while before i sat and talked to my father, i told him about my life.

Everything was going great until i felt myself lifting up into the air.

I blinked, and the next second, they were gone. Everything was gone.
I was alone. Completely alone. Just me and my memories… Forever.
I just screamed,and screamed.

Luna Lothario;

FUCK. another nightmare.

ACE:Luna?! You okay man?
He shouted from the next room

It didn’t take long for Ace to be in my room. He hugged me.
ACE: fancy a smoke shit head?
I chuckled, Ace’s answer to most things was a joint.
LUNA: I think i need more than i smoke dude.

Sometimes life is good and perfect.. and sometimes. it fucks you up. In my case its the second one…..

Violet and Jace Caulfield credit to Amanda Richard

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