DORIAN Chapter 9


Vincenzos body was in a shallow grave behind the Von Haunt manor, and Giuseppe

and Rocco had left a few hours before SHE showed up at the restaurant.
Said she needed to talk to me; Alone.
We went down to the basement.
Dorian: “what brings you here?”
Donatella: “I heard you bumped Vinny off”
Dorian: “Well, you know he was a rat”
Donatella “We both know that’s not true. Congratulations though, looks like you’re all grown up Dorian.”

Dorian: Don’t patronize me, why are you here?”

My fucking GOD she was gorgeous. FUCK.

Donatella: A little Bird told me you’ll be taking over for dad. The big ‘Don’ Lothario..
Dorian: You jealous?
Donatella: Of course i am! I should be in charge, I’m his blood. I’m more than capable of running the business.
Dorian: You couldn’t run shit sweetheart. This job isn’t for a chick.
Donatella: Kinda sexist don’t ya think.
Dorian: awh c’mon. You know it i know it. Its a mans world. Deal with it.

That pissed her off. Then she started feeling my chest, it knocked me back a bit. Surprised me. I don’t usually like surprises but this one.. This one i liked.

Donatella: Kinda.. Sexy really?
Dorian: What?
Donatella: You.
I like a man with power, its hot. You bumping Vinny, one of your best friends, no hesitation. Its very sexy.
me and you.. we could do GREAT things.
Think of that power Dorian.

I knew what she was doing. She was trying to get me, i knew all she cared about was becoming boss herself. The bitch would do anything for a little bit of power.
But.. so would I.
It was a good idea. But i don’t take orders from no bitch.

Dorian: Looks like you need me more than i need you sugar, I can do GREAT things all by myself.

Her face dropped, she snapped her hand back from my chest and started walking away. I sat for a while. FUCK this, what am i doing!!? A few nights ago i was considering jumping over a table for this bitch. Now i have a chance and I’m fucking blowing it. Get a grip Dorian!!

I ran up the stairs, and out in front of the restaurant. I grabbed her and pinned her against the wall and kissed her. She kissed me back.

Dorian: We really could do GREAT things back at my place.

I don’t know why i brought her home with me, I never bring bitches to my home. I usually fuck them in the room under the restaurant. But something in me wanted to take her back with me. The sun was just rising when we got back and we went straight to my bedroom.

Afterwards it was weird, any other bitch i would have told them to fuck off by now or just ignored them until they left.
With her.. we talked.
I gave her one of my t-shirts to wear, and we sat and talked for hours about shit. I noticed she had two tattoos an hourglass on her leg and a pair of hummingbirds on her arm.

She told me they were for her mother; The hummingbird was her mothers favourite and that was her nickname for Donnatella when she was a kid. The hourglass was a reminder that its only a matter of time until she sees her again.

I don’t know why but i opened up about my mother; the year i spent there, i told her about the keyboard in my room, about my father, about my family. I dunno why i opened up so much.
Donnatella was a complete BITCH, it was fucked up. Jeez!!
We went to sleep for a bit after that, I woke up before her.

How can something so beautiful be such a devious cunt. I didn’t get it. She woke up not long after i did, we finally went downstairs and had breakfast.
Donnatella: Nice view
Dorian: Yeah, it is aint it.

Fuck me. this chick was a head fuck and half.
I needed to forget her fast.

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