Worlds Apart Chapter 8

For the record


It was probably the worst shower i’ve ever had. Every drop of water hurt, the water was a brownish red mess at my feet as the dirt and blood mixed together. Everywhere stung but I felt lucky. I wasn’t dead and i’d miraculously not broken anything in the fall. I came out with an army of painful bruises and cuts but nothing major. When did life get so crazy, I left the shower and got dry, I checked my face in the mirror. It was a mess, fuck i hope my nose isn’t broken.

What the fuck are you doing Madi? I felt like I was going crazy. Yesterday I almost got shot by the guy who’s cleaning up blood just outside this door. Tonight hitmen tried to kill me and I don’t even know what I did. I’m stupid, I’m a girl from strangerville just trying to get through college and he was what? Some criminal? I didn’t even know what he was. Elma told me he was mafia a while ago but thats crazy. I mean that kinda stuff is just movie stuff right? Gah. what the fuck have I got myself into? I can’t have normal with a guy like this, I have to end whatever THIS is before it goes too far. I have to, I spent a while psyching myself up before I left the bathroom, practicing everything I was going to say.

I finally opened the door but all my pre-planned speech completely left me. The song “nights in white satin” by the Moody Blues was playing. The blood was gone, apart from the hole in the front door, it was like nothing had happened. It looked so…normal.

MADISON: “Hey. I’m back, thanks for cleaning up all the.. blood and stuff, I see you found my record player? “

DORIAN: ” No problem, and ye I hope ya don’t mind”

MADISON: “N-no I don’t mind, but i need to talk to you about a few things… important things”

DORIAN: ” Yeah, Sure. Y’know you got some good records here”

He glanced over at me.

DORIAN: “What are ya wearin?”

MADISON: “I didn’t take any fresh clothes with me okay, the only clothes I had that weren’t covered in dirt was my underwear. Its not like i’m trying to turn you on or whatever”

I said knowing full well that i’d put this particular set on, “Just in case” things got well you know.

DORIAN: “Okay.. hey I ain’t complainin’, I was just surprised. For the record, ya don’t need to try okay?. Anyways you gonna stand over there all night or what? I got somethin’ to show ya”

I walked over to him trying to keep my head clear. I needed answers or I needed to end it, but by the time i got over there I just wanted to hug him, tonight had been hell and if he hadn’t shown up I would have been dead.

DORIAN: “my mom had this same record. I didn’t expect ya to have it”

The wild horses single by the Rolling Stones.

MADISON: “It’s my dads, most of these records are his…”

I’d not told Dorian everything about my dad but he knew enough to know that it was a touchy subject for me. He put the record in the player, the familiar sound filled my ears.

DORIAN: “Ya wanna, y’know maybe dance with me?”

MADISON: “I don’t really dance..”

He stood up with me and held me close.

DORIAN: “Sure ya do. Ya dancin’ now ain’t ya? Ya gonna have some black eyes tomorrow. Bastard got ya nose good, but it don’t look broken at least”

MADISON: “Great so i’m gonna look even worse than I feel ? .. Look, theres things I need to ask and I can’t think of the best way to do it so i’m just gonna come out and ask. Are you in the mafia?”

DORIAN: ” There’s some things ya better off not knowing.. Trust me. ”

That’s not the answer I was wanting.

MADISON: “So what do you do? Really? Who were those guys who tried to kill me? Who sent them? Tell me whats going on… please”

DORIAN: “I own the Cream Club, ya know this. The less ya know about those guys the better. Madison, I don’t wanna have to lie to ya, theres just things I can’t tell you. Drop it”

MADISON: “Then don’t. Why don’t ya leave?… The mafia i mean”

DORIAN: “IF I were in the mob, if I left then fuggedaboutit, I might as well book myself a one way trip to the morgue. It’s not the kinda thing ya just quit okay? Now fucking DROP it. I ain’t talkin’ about this stuff no more. Ya want me to just go home?”

I hated that he wouldn’t give me answers, but i didn’t want him to leave. Being alone in the house again hadn’t crossed my mind but thinking about it terrified me, I didn’t wan’t to be alone. Not tonight.

DORIAN: “Hey what ya cryin for? Ya really think i’d leave ya alone tonight of all nights dummy?”

DORIAN: “Wild horses couldn’t drag me away”

He was a good singer, part of me wanted to cry even more afterwards, a weird mix of sadness and happiness.

We carried on dancing, even though the song was nearly over, we found ourselves dancing like nothing crazy had happened at all. Maybe things wouldn’t always be so crazy. Maybe this could work afterall?

Fuck it. Whats the point in being alive if i don’t live? I kissed him. I felt my feet leave the floor.

MADISON: “Arrrghh no, no no, put me down that hurts. “

I’d forgotten the part where i’d fallen off of a balcony, but my body sure hadn’t. He apologized but i didn’t need an apology. Honestly I needed some actual clothes, it was pretty chilly.

MADISON: “Thankyou, for being here for me and thanks for not killing those guys in my house, i’m gonna go get changed because i’m cold and hurty, okay”

DORIAN: ” Ya don’t need to thank me and okay, i gotta go make a call anyways”


Fucking bastards. I’d have killed them right then and there if it wasn’t for her. I mean who the fuck do they think they’re fucking with eh? I knew Donnatella was the only one who knew Madison even existed and this weren’t some random hit. Madison doesn’t run in the same circles there aint no other reason why she’d be targeted. The fucking BITCH. All i wanted to do was kill that whore, but I couldn’t leave Madison alone and I ain’t letting no other fuck, kill Donnatella. I want that bitch to look me in the fucking eyes when I kill her. Those two assholes though, that’s a different story. It would have to wait though. While Madison had been in the shower I made a few calls to the guys. It was time to see if they got the job done.

DORIAN: “Is it done? “

BIG JACKIE: “Tony died from his injuries before we could get to him, but Petey. Someone already bumped this prick off Dor.”

DORIAN: “Whadd’ya mean ?”

BIG JACKIE : “What I mean is, I got to Peteys place and someones already whacked the guy, door was unlocked, I walked in to find him with his head lookin like swiss cheese or somethin’ I thought he’d shot himself but he ain’t got a piece on him Dor and he’s still got his smoke in the ashtray. Someone beat me to it. Probably whoever put the hit out is my bet. Poor fuck. “

No. Donnatellas never done her own dirty work like this. Either she didn’t make the hit or she hired someone to hit Petey too.

DORIAN: “Get ya feelers out, I wanna know who killed him, and we’re openin’ the books on that son of a bitch. Don’t fuckin’ call me til ya know somethin’ “

I hung up. Mother fuckers. Someone was playin games with me and I wouldn’t wanna be them when I fuckin’ find them. Madison was already on the sofa by the time I got back inside, some movie was on the TV, She’d changed into some goofy pj’s and some purple cat slippers, her face was fucked up y’know but i knew i was gonna make whoever was responsible for all this look a lot worse. I sat next to her.

DORIAN: “Well don’t you look adorable”

MADISON: “Aw, shut up they’re comfy don’t make fun of me”

DORIAN: “Ayy, I ain’t makin’ fun, I just said you looked adorable.”

MADISON: “Suuure, are you okay? you seem … off “

DORIAN: “Nah fuggedabouit, i’m good, what ya watchin’ “

MADISON: “Ahh its some james bond movie, “you only live twice” or something like that “

We watched most of the movie before we fell asleep, what was it with this chick and sleepin’ on sofas.

ELMA: “Madi? Madison?… Why is there a fucking hole in the door? Oh, YOU’RE here? “


DORIAN: “Shhh she’s sleeping” I tried my best not to wake Madison up as I stood up, and gestured at the table behind us.

ELMA: “What happened? Did YOU do that to her?”

DORIAN: “WHAT? .. what no, some guys did it to her”

ELMA: ” SoMe GuYs, can we pretend for a minute that I don’t work for you? Because she is my best friend and I think its a really bad idea that she’s getting involved with someone like you”

DORIAN: “Someone like me huh? Whadd’ya mean by that?”

ELMA: “Oh I think ya know. You’re the kinda guy that gets what he wants and it doesn’t matter who you hurt. Besides you’re a criminal, and shes pretty much a walking talking puppy, I mean sure her mouth can get her in trouble but her bark is worse than her bite y’know, and I don’t want her getting hurt. Shes not like US. She doesn’t even fucking litter for fucks sake. Shes not just another girl you can fuck and never talk to again”

DORIAN: “She can handle herself, trust me and ya still aren’t over that? Jesus Elma, Its ancient history get over it already. I don’t care that she ain’t like US. She ain’t like ANYONE i know and I like that, Its pretty insultin’ that you have such a low opinion of her, what the fucks that about huh? “

ELMA: ” What no I don’t have a low opinion of her, I love her, I just worry about her a lot. Fuck, I thought you killed her last night when she didn’t come back downstairs! Its a miracle that you didn’t judging by what i’ve been hearing about you… ugh.. This isn’t about me and you, this is about her and you. Shes wrong for you on so many levels, can’t you see that? I mean what is this to you? An experiment or something, some sort of sick game?”

I guessed Elma didn’t know how close Madison came to dying at the club, it really was a miracle.

DORIAN: ” Is it that hard to believe that I actually care about her too? Maybe I like that she’s kind and carin’ and not a complete gold diggin’ bitch snortin’ coke 24/7? huh? ya ever think about that. I’m not gonna hurt her. You see her face?? huh? Well if I hadn’t shown up it’d be a lot worse; ya probably wouldn’t have a friend right now if it wasn’t for me”

ELMA: “Yeah well she probably wouldn’t have needed saving if it wasn’t for you. I don’t know if you know this but shes not the kinda girl who gets ‘some guys’ coming over to the house trying to kill her. Yeah i like that shes kind and caring too Dorian but she’s not gonna stay that way around you and the people you’re in with. That’s what you DO, you hurt people and you corrupt them, everything you touch turns to shit”

DORIAN: “We’ll see Ok, Y’know I think ya ought to give her more credit. She ain’t as fragile as ya think, we done? I’m gonna get her to bed now.”

I was strugglin’ to retrain myself. If she wasn’t Madisons’ friend I woulda already knocked her out for this, shes lucky she still has a job y’know. I picked Madison up and carried her into her bedroom, Elma followed close by. Eyein’ me up. Not like “US” hah. We hadn’t run in the same circles since just after high school and shes sayin ‘not like US’ who does she think she’s kiddin. Tryin’ to hide her accent too, hey I mean I know I ain’t the best guy in the world but at least I ain’t lyin to myself about nothin. I know she was comin from a place of worry but it wasn’t needed. Still Donnatellas words rang in my mind “when she sees ya for the fuckin monster you are” , It scared me, but Madison had already seen it first hand, when I had my gun pointin’ at her face. Yet here I am carryin’ her to bed like nothin’ had happened. She was wrong for me Elma was right about that, but i didn’t care. I never knew it before, but I didn’t wanna be with someone like me. Me and Donnatella woulda probably worked better if I did.

ELMA: “The pink side is hers.”

DORIAN: “Yeah, I figured. Thanks”

ELMA: “You staying here tonight? I hate the idea of it, but she’d probably be sad if you left without a goodbye or whatever”

DORIAN: ” Sure”

ELMA: ” Gee, aren’t you talkative. I’m gonna get to sleep too, so try to keep the noise down. Theres some blankets in the cupboard upstairs if you get cold and stuff.. Night Dorian.”

DORIAN: “Yeah thanks. Night.”

I went to sleep pretty quick, I coulda gone home but by mornin’ i’m glad I didn’t. Elma woke up first, we were sat in awkward silence for about 15 minutes but it felt like an hour.

When Madison joined us it was a relief. Her eyes had blackened in the night, she looked a mess, she was quiet. Shit.

I looked over to Elma who was lookin’ just as worried as I felt.

DORIAN: “You okay?”

MADISON: ” … I just got a call from the hospital.. I need to go see my Dad.”

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