Home Run

Madison POV:

ELMA: “C’mon! I wanna see!”

MADISON: “It looks weird i don’t know how I feel about it” 
I stepped out of the bathroom nervously.

ELMA: “Oh my god, it suits you, you look great madison”

MADISON: “You think so?”
ELMA: ”  uh.. Yeah.”
I trusted Elma and took her word for it, I felt more normal after putting on some makeup and getting dressed. I kinda felt like a princess.

ELMA: “You look nice, you expecting company? maybe your new boyfriend aha?”
MADISON: “He’s not my boyfriend” 
I got a little defensive, but the truth is i’d fallen asleep texting him last night and I was already talking to him now. I’d been working up the courage to ask him if he wanted to come over and I may or may not have worn some nice lingerie just in case but he wasn’t my boyfriend. Psssh. 
I could tell that Elma wasn’t fooled, and me hiding my face in my phone probably didn’t help my case.

ELMA: “sure okay well, when you’re having all your fun tonight spare a thought for me stuck at the club without my BFF, i’ll catch ya later” 
She left through the back door in our room. I rewrote the message at least 10 times.

M: *You busy? Wanna hang out* Eventually, I bit the bullet and sent it, I braced myself for a no when my phone buzzed again. 
D:*sure* … …  fuck, he was coming over here. I was excited but nervous, shit shit shit. 
M:*Lets leave guns out of it this time aha * Why the fuck did i send that? 
I was so panicked I jumped a mile when I heard the door. 
10 mins, it can’t be him not that quick right? … Right.  I looked through glass on the door, two guys were here, i’d never seen either of them before.

GUY 1: “Ey, you Madison?”
MADISON:… “Why?”
I had a bad feeling about this. 
GUY 1 : “We jus’ wanna talk to you is all, lady”

I saw the other guy pull out a gun as I got closer to the door. These guys didn’t wanna talk.

I bolted upstairs, I heard the sound of glass breaking downstairs, they were in the house.

Upstairs was a mistake, why did I think upstairs was a good idea, my housemate who has the upstairs room was away visiting family, there was no where i could run or hide. I tried her door from the balcony. Locked.

Fuck. Why can’t I have forgetful roommates. I heard the guys closing in on me. My room was directly below me, if i could just get to there from here, I could grab my phone and call the cops or Dorian, or anyone. If only I  could get past these fucking guys. I only had one choice and I didn’t want to do it. The balcony it was only one story, the grass on this end was pretty overgrown maybe i could make it, without breaking my neck. I started climbing over the fence.

GUY 1: ” I don’t know who you are but ya pissed off the wrong people lady. I don’t know where ya think ya goin”

I heard the loud bangs as they started shooting, what happened one day i’m just living a normal life and now i’m getting shot at for the second night in a row.

One of the bullets hit the fence next to my hand and in my panic I let go,

 the next thing i felt was the hard ground under me.
 I heard the muffled voices of the two guys as I sat up, I tried to stand but it hurt too much.

I crawled through the grass to my door.

GUY 1: “She can’t a got very far c’mon she’s somewhere near here” 
Shit. I knew there was no where to hide in my room,  I hid behind the nearest bin, classy right. But i didn’t have time to think about hygiene i was filthy from all the grass and dirt anyway. It was hard to hear the guys footsteps over my own heartbeat, it was so loud I was sure they could hear it. One of the guys walked over to the bin, I couldn’t see him but i knew he was there, he was close enough that i could smell his cologne. This is it i’m dead i’m caught they’re gonna find me and kill me. This is how I die, covered in blood and dirt hiding behind a fucking bin.

GUY 1: “Hey this doors unlocked, looks like shes back in the house” 
GUY 2: “Sneaky fuckin’ bitch” 
Thankyou so much Elma, for not locking doors you beautiful bitch I love you. Real best friends save your life without even knowing it. I waited a moment  or two before moving. After a minute or two I checked to see if my room was safe, I couldn’t see the guys. I quickly scurried in, hobbling over to the door that led to the rest of the house, locking it.

 Why was this happening?

I pulled out my desk chair, keeping my eyes on the door i just locked. This was a nightmare.

I should have probably called the cops, instead i called Dorian.

DORIAN: “Whats up i’m drivin’?” 
MADISON: “Theres people in the house trying to kill me..”  
I kept my voice low, hoping that they couldn’t hear me. I couldn’t hear them at all. The silence was eerie and made the call sound way too loud. 
DORIAN: “I’ll be there soon. You somewhere safe? “
I could hear the anger in his voice.

MADISON: “Yeah i think i’m safe right now and please hurry. Please, I can’t do this”
DORIAN: “Yeah, ya can do this, ya doin’ it now. Get ya self a weapon, stay where ya are, i’m nearly there okay?!”
 He’d barely finished his sentence when I heard the guys start talking. 
GUY 1: “Guess we’re just gonna have to burn the whole place down, c’mon Tony, lets go”
BURN the place down.
MADISON: ” Dorian they just said they’re gonna burn the place down, I have to get out of here”

DORIAN: “No don’t do it just stay where ya are, Just fuckin’ stay sti– 
I hung up I had to go now , I heard footsteps outside, coming up behind me.. well looks like leaving out of the backdoor is out. Fuck. I took a deep breath as I went out into the main house, there was no one here,

I was just on my way to the front door, when I saw the second guy, a younger guy with more hair outside. Ok back to my room, I was about to turn back when i heard the bathroom door start opening,

I’d never make it back to my room. Fuck, I ran and hid behind the sofa, it was the closest hiding spot I could see, I heard the front door open up. 

GUY 2: “Ya reckon she fell for it?”
GUY 1 : “Ah i dunno, I thought i heard somethin’
I felt the sofa move against my back as one of them sat down. The cologne guy again. 
GUY 2: ” We really gonna burn this place down? 
GUY 1: “I think you fell for it aha, nah dummy we ain’t burnin’ shit all down it was jus’ to draw her out, could you see anythin’ from outside”
GUY 2 : “Nah its too dark, I couldn’t see shit. i put some whit behind that door from earlier though she can barely move, she ain’t movin that door for a while. 
GUY 1 : “Good, now we just play the waitin’ game. She’ll come out eventually” 
GUY 2 : “Yeah I hope so, i didn’t think a hit on some chick would be this hard, shes like a fuckin’ cockroach this bitch, I gotta go take a piss”
Fuck. I wish i’d just stayed where I was, all i’d done was trap myself. I felt relief wash over me as the cologne guy moved away. The silence in the room was deafening.

*bzzzz* *bzzzz* No. no. Stop ringing. My phone was vibrating in my pocket, I heard the other sofa creak as the other guy stood. 
GUY 1: “Ya might as well come out Blondie, Hide and seeks over”
If i stayed here, i’d die. I had to run it was my only option. I took a risk and attempted to run towards the front door and freedom but I didn’t make it far before i felt my feet lifting off the ground and a rough hand covering my face.

GUY 1: “Gotcha.”
The other guy came out of the bathroom gun already in hand, 
GUY 1 : “Shoot  this fucking bitch!”
This was it, it was over. 
The sudden sound of creeching tyres and footsteps outside saved me. 
GUY 1: “Go check that out, Tony. We don’t know who the fuck  she mighta been talkin’ to”
The second guy “Tony” left in a hurry, in the commotion I bit hard on the guys finger, he dropped me but my small victory was just that as he punched me in the face.

I fell to the ground, blood spewing from my nose. Not a second later Tony came bursting through the door, his face was covered in blood. He crawled towards me and the other guy, who now looked as scared as I felt. 

TONY: “Help me Petey! Fucking help me”

Dorian followed Tony into the house holding a baseball bat covered in blood.

 Petey looked from Tony to Dorian.

PETEY: “‘ fraid I can’t Tony”

TONY: “You fucking bastard”
Dorian gave Tonys head one more smash with the bat before dropping it, Tony laid still in a pool of his own blood as Dorian stepped over it towards Petey.

 All i could do was watch on in horror. This is not what I wanted. All this blood was too much. I heard Dorian and Petey talking, Petey was begging for his life. 

PETEY: “We didn’t know she was anythin’ to do with you, we jus’ got given the job is all. I’m sorry boss.”
MADISON: “No, don’t kill him!”

I used the last of my strength to pull Dorian to the side. 
DORIAN: “Whadda ya mean don’t kill him, look what he fuckin’ did to you! Ya can barely stand and ya tellin’ me not to kill this bastard”

MADISON: “I don’t want any one dying in my home! I just want this to be over already, after the night i’ve had i don’t want any more violence”
He glared at me stubbornly but i glared right back. He let out a sigh before telling Petey to leave and to take Tony with him.

DORIAN: “Go shower, get all the dirt off ya, and i’ll help patch ya up. I’ll clean up this blood. I need to find out who sent those guys”
MADISON: “what are you gonna do when you find out?”

DORIAN: ” the less ya know, the better. Ya hairs nice by the way. Ya look good”

I was fully aware that, I didn’t look good. I was covered in mud, blood and sweat and my makeup was down my face but it made me smile as I headed off to the shower, i had so many questions and I was scared of too many answers.


  1. At the risk of sounding heartless, I just wanted to say this chapter is good and some parts made me lol. First Madison’s ‘leave your guns out’ message then Dorian’s ‘You look nice’ comment. Such a spunky main and Dorian trying to salvage the situation is just 🙂 . I’m going to add a Poor maddie comment too for getting all bloodied like that. (And I mean it.) So you know I’m not a monster.

    Liked by 1 person

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