Dorian Lothario  POV
DONNATELLA : “A divorce?. A fucking divorce are you kiddin’ me right now? Ya come home at 7 in the mornin’, no explanation, smellin’ like some cheap whores perfume and you ask for a divorce?!”
DORIAN: “We shoulda never gotten married in the first place, Donna. Y’know why we got married! It was a favor from me to ya father, god rest his soul”
DONNATELLA:”Oh yeah a favor, like you weren’t gettin somethin’ outta the deal, you know he wasn’t gonna make you boss if you didn’t marry me. Without me you’d be nothin’ you’d just be the underboss to some other schmuck, bustin’ knee caps and jackin’ off. You ain’t even good at the damn job, if dad had just left it to me it would have been way better for everyone”
DORIAN: “Oooh yeah, is that right? You stupid fuckin’ bitch. You literally don’t have the balls to do this job, you dumb cunt–
She slapped me, she fuckin’ slapped me right in the face. It wasn’t anythin’ new. 
DONNATELLA: “If dad knew how you talk to me he’d fuckin’ kill ya, y’know that right? I’m glad he’s dead cos if he knew you wanted a divorce from me his heart would break Dorian. You wanted all the power, ya got it, ya got a wife who knows the life and puts up with all your shit. Ya knew what ya were gettin’ from marryin’ me. Ya gonna throw all that away over what?. Who the fuck is she ? ” 
DORIAN: “ahh you don’t know what ya talkin about, ya sayin’ Sal would be heartbroken where the fucks ya concern when you were breakin’ my moms heart everyday bein’ a cold bitch? eh? But nah nah, its all about ya old man and how i’m the bad guy, y’know what my mom told me, she said ‘go find a nice girl’, someone who ain’t you and c’mon is me not wantin’ to waste anymore time with ya in this sham marriage not good enough for a divorce ? Why’s it gotta be some other chick, why can’t it just be that I don’t wanna be with you? “
DONNATELLA: “It ain’t ever that simple with you. you are the ‘bad guy’, who ya tryin’ to kid huh? oh and don’t get me started about ya mother -“
DORIAN: ”  Don’t ya say a word about my mom Donna she died yesterday so show some respect, ok? “
She went quiet for a bit, it was unlike her but i’ll take it. It was better for the both of us y’know cause if she said anythin’ about my mom I don’t even know what i’d do y’know. After bein’ home half an hour I’d only just took my jacket off. I sat on the sofa, I could feel her eyes on me. Like lasers in the back of my skull. 
DONNATELLA: “I loved you Dorian…. I still do.
DORIAN:” uh-huh, I know.”
DONNATELLA: “Did you ever love me? “
I knew what she wanted to hear, she wanted me to tell her I loved her at some point, the truth is that i didn’t I thought she was hot and she was ruthless. She was a bitch then and she’s a bitch now. I woulda never married her if it wasn’t for Sal. Never, I mean on paper she’s a perfect match but its a lil different in real life. Jus’ cause people are similar, it don’t mean that they’re a match made in heaven. Me and Donnatella are a match made in hell. 
DORIAN: “Never. I never loved ya,  can I get a divorce now?”
I heard her inhale deeply like someone had just punched her in the gut. I never turned to face her but i knew i’d burnt the ice queen. 
DONNATELLA: “You’re gonna hell, Dorian Lothario. you fucking bastard. Ya gonna hell”
DORIAN: “yeh yeah I know, I’ll save ya a seat down there” 
I went to bed not long after, y’know for a proper sleep thats not on a bench outside a strip club. I got a text through from Madison, I ended up textin her for a while until Donnatella came into the room an hour or so later. I closed the messages, last thing I need is her on my back about this, she came climbing onto the bed like nothin’ had happened.
DONNATELLA: “Who ya textin’ I thought ya were sleepin’ ya made such a big deal about gonna sleep afterall”
DORIAN: “Mind ya goddamn business Donna it ain’t nothin to do with ya” 
She hugged onto me. Made me feel sick to my stomach. 
DORIAN: “Ey whatta ya doin? you gone senile or somethin’ get offa me”
I rolled over, If she said anythin back I had no idea, I was asleep as soon as I rolled over pretty much. 
I couldn’t sleep, this fucking prick, who does he think he is , “this aint nothin’ to do with no girl” the fuckin’ cafone. 
After a while I couldn’t help myself, I checked if he was asleep, he was, this was gonna be my only chance to see what the fuck he’s been upto. I mean can ya blame me? Guy comes home askin’ for a divorce after bein out all night? Its suspicious. He ain’t ever mentioned divorce to me before he wouldn’t dare. 
I went out onto the balcony, the sun hurt my eyes , they were tired from bein’ up all night waitin for this waste of space to drag his ass home… and he asks for a fuckin’ divorce. 
I teared up when I read the messages from this chick, it aint what I was expectin’ y’know. I was expectin’ some nudes or some dirty messages but what I saw was way worse. I can deal with him cheatin’ on me, I know it happens, I know he’s done it i don’t care cause I know that he’s mine. He comes home to me y’know. 
When he’s been bangin’ some whore, sure i give him a slap and bust his balls about it but i know that he don’t actually give a shit about them. This, this what i was readin’ though was different, he respected this chick. Hes fuckin’ talkin’ to her about regular stuff. I started to feel like the side chick in my own god damn marriage.
 This fuckin’ bitch was gettin what I wanted, the pieces fell into place right then and there. This divorce shit was over a fuckin girl. I wiped my eyes as I went back into the bedroom.
DORIAN: “You find what ya were lookin’ for huh?” 
DONNATELLA : “SHIT, why you gotta make me jump like that, and yeh, i found what i was looking for you lyin’ piece of shit. You’re leavin me for ya goomah whore”
DORIAN: “Shut ya mouth alright, she ain’t no goomah and she ain’t no whore neither”
DONNATELLA: “Do you love her?”
DORIAN: “What?”
DONNATELLA: “you heard me! Do you fucking LOVE her?” 
DORIAN: “What kinda question is that, I’ve not even known this chick a day, of course I don’t love her-
DONNATELLA : “You’re wantin a divorce over some bitch you barely know, are you nuts? what the fuck is wrong with you? You’re gonna throw OUR marriage away over this?!
DORIAN: “C’mon we’ve only been married a year Donna, not even that, I wanna see how things go with this chick and she’s not the type of girl whos happy bein’ on the side y’know”
DONNATELLA: “Get out, get outta here you bastard. Go to your fucking homewreckin whore seen as the sun shines outta her ass. I’ll give ya a divorce but don’t come crawlin’ back to me when she sees ya for the fuckin monster you are” 
DORIAN: “Fucking done, i’ll sort the papers out.”
I expected him to argue, I wanted him to. Instead he packed a bag and left. I know he ain’t worth much but he was mine and suddenly he wasn’t anymore.. he was hers.

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