The Lion & the Scorpion

I dunno if it was my mom tryin’ to send me a message or what because MY guns don’t fucking jam. This chick had some luck thats fo’ sure, because tonight my gun did jam. What a fucking day. My mom died and now I can’t even kill this fuckin’ bitch. Who the fuck did  she think she was anyway messin’ with me.

She’d fallen over when i TRIED to shoot her, I could tell she was scared, I mean scarin’ people is somethin’ I do on the regular so it’s nothin’ new y’know but i didn’t even shoot her. It was just kinda pathetic. She wasn’t in my face anymore though so thats somethin’ I mean if I wanted some crazy broad in my face i’da gone home to Donnatella. I was still pissed about the gun but if i’d really wanted to kill her I would have done it before, y’know .. not even given her a chance to come up here with her bullshit apologies. She brought it on herself, it ain’t my fault she doesn’t know when to quit. It ain’t my fault she aint got no respect.
DORIAN: “Get up”.

She didn’t move. I felt myself let outta sigh. I just wanted to be left alone y’know? is that too much to ask?
I found myself walkin over to her.
DORIAN: “C’mon get up”


It felt like hours had passed since I hit the floor, I looked up at him. The guy who i’d been mocking earlier, the guy who wouldn’t take an apology.. the guy who shot at me.  His hand was strectched out towards me.

MADISON: “Don’t touch me”
DORIAN: “I’m just tryin’ to help ya up”
MADISON: “I don’t need help, especially from the guy who shot me”

I tried to stand but I couldn’t my legs were like jelly. Great. I heard a grumble as he grabbed my hand and helped me stand.

DORIAN: “I didn’t shoot ya”
MADISON: “Change of heart or something?”
DORIAN: “.. or somethin’, it jammed thats all don’t big deal it”
MADISON:”Don’t big deal it? You still tried to fucking shoot me”
DORIAN: “Ye well ya still breathin’ aren’t ya. Count ya self lucky. Call it even for earlier”
MADISON: “How is this even close to ‘even’?”
DORIAN: “Can ya just go already. Ya alive, take it ’cause I don’t do second chances usually”.
MADISON: “What is wrong with you?”
DORIAN: “Whats wrong with me? what the fuck is wrong with me ?? There ain’t nothin’ wrong with me. I just want to be left alone. I don’t want some broad up in my face askin’ me dumb as fuck questions.”

He moved me towards the door before heading out onto the balcony area that connected to the office. At this point it probably would have been safer if i’d left. Being alive was a win afterall but I guess thats not me. I  followed him onto the balcony and I was shocked. He looked kinda sad. I guess even guys like him feel guilty sometimes.

MADISON: “You look sad…feeling bad about trying to kill me, huh?”
DORIAN: “Hah. You must have a fuckin’ death wish followin’ me out here.. The world doesn’t revolve around you y’know”

I fell off my high horse pretty quick after that, maybe i had let my ego get in the way. It was time to leave.
But his words froze me solid.

DORIAN:” My Mom died today”
DORIAN: “Y’know she was the only good in my life and shes gone..”

I stopped myself, I carefully went and sat on the sofa next to him.
DORIAN: “I knew it was comin’ y’know but i wasn’t ready. She was scared and there was nothin’ I could do and I just feel like I let her down somehow”

I don’t spill my guts to nobody and here I was tellin’ this chick all about my mother, my family everythin’ stuff i ain’t told anyone before. My underboss and closest friend Jackie Pappalardo doesn’t even know half the shit I was tellin this stranger. I could never open up like this to Donnatella; that bitch was made of fucking stone. I thought this chick was just like her at first but the more we talked the more I realised how wrong I was. She wasn’t bad to look at either. Beautiful really. I laughed a little if things had been different I woulda probably fucked her.
MADISON: “What are you laughing at?”

DORIAN: ” fuggedaboutit its nothin'”
MADISON: “Nah im not gonna ‘Fugedaboutit’, whats so funny”
I quickly looked for a distraction and saw her necklace.

Blurtin’ out the first thing I could think of.
DORIAN: “Nice necklace, whos LEO then? He’s a lucky guy”
I felt like a teenager, i ain’t usually awkward with chicks. This was brand new and I didn’t like it one bit.
MADISON: “Leo is no one, its my starsign… Elma made me this for christmas shes really into astrology aha, but i’ll be sure to tell my non-existant boyfriend he’s lucky”
Well that was embarrassin’..But I knew she was single now, I was kinda shocked a girl like that didn’t have a guy.
MADISON: “What about you?”
DORIAN: “HUH? What about me?”
MADISON: “Whats your sign?”
DORIAN: “ohh.. Scorpio. ”
MADISON: “Yeah that explains a lot aha”

This was so fuckin’ weird. A few hours ago I tried to kill her and now we’re laughin’ like old friends.

MADISON: “I hate to ask but it’s important.. I really need this job… I wanna make it clear that I haven’t just been here talking to you to get it back by the way.
DORIAN: “Nah, I don’t want ya working here. I’m still firin you”

I saw her face drop, she wanted this job back real bad. I’m not known for my generosity or kindness or bullshit like that, and a few hours ago i wouldn’t have given a shit y’know but things were different now. She started talkin’ about how much she needed it. I pressed my finger to her lips.

DORIAN: “shh. I don’t want you workin’ here because I don’t want you gettin’ stuck here y’know. I’ve got ya back you don’t need to worry about nothin’ ever again K?”
I wasn’t lyin’.
DORIAN: “Don’t make a big deal outta it, you helped me deal with some stuff tonight and i’m grateful for that. I aint about to sail ya up the river for it”
MADISON: Promise?
DORIAN: I promise..
I felt her hand touch mine and she moved closer.

After that we sat in silence for a little while,

 it was pretty late. The last I remember was layin’ on her lap. She was strokin my hair and i felt somethin’ i’d not felt in a long time. Peace.

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