The Cream Club


When I met Dorian for the first time, I was working in a strip club. Believe it or not I wasn’t a stripper, I was bar staff, working my weekends away trying to afford the student life. My best friend and roommate Elma; was the one who set me up here and by doing so she nearly got me killed. I’d worked in bars before, back in Strangerville but I’d only been working nights at the cream club about a week and it was pretty regular stuff except with more boobs than usual until Elma turned to me one night, lowered her voice and said;

ELMA: ” The owners dropping by tonight”
MADISON: “The mafia guy you told me about? ”

ELMA: “Yeah that the one, I remember last time he came to the club, he found out that the guy who worked here before you was skimming money. No ones heard from that guy since, and one of the strippers SWEARS that she found some of his brain in one of her wigs”
MADISON: “Elma, this isn’t the kinda shit I need to hear right now”
ELMA: “oh, Relax everything is going to be fine, i’m still here aren’t I ?”
MADISON: “Right. so whats this guy look like?”

ELMA: “You’ll know him when you see him don’t worry the guy always wears a suit, anyway i’m gonna have my break, don’t worry it’s all going to be fine”

Its going to be fine. Elma hadn’t been gone two minutes when life decided that things weren’t going to be fine when a customer came to the bar in a gray t-shirt. I handed him the drink he asked for but if I didn’t know for a fact that Rocco the bouncer ID’d everyone i wouldn’t have served him, i dont know if it was the stress of the owner coming in or what, but me being me i had to open my big mouth.
MADISON: “you sure you’re old enough to be drinking that?”
He just stared at me with dead green eyes before putting his head down.
MADISON: “What are you mute or something? you asked for your drink c’mon talk to me, or do I have to ask for ID?”
Still no response. I was just about to leave it be when he finally spoke to me.

DORIAN: “heh, You’re a bit of a bitch aint ya? ”

WHAT?! He called me a bitch?! This FUCKING guy the nerve on him was unreal. First he ignores me and then calls me a bitch? I was stunned.
MADISON: “What?! I’m not a bitch! you’re the one being childish”
DORIAN: ” you’re bein’ childish”
he lit his cigarette and started smoking.

MADISON: “you can’t smoke in here, what are you doing?!”
DORIAN: “Y’know…. I guess i am bein’ childish”
he laughed through his cloud of smoke.

This guy was the most frustrating man I ever met.

MADISON: ” You need to put it out or go outside or i’m going to have to bar you”
DORIAN: “ya new here ain’t ya?”
MADISON: ” Gee what gave it away brainiac? Congrats on being able to guess the girl who’s only been here a week is new. Do you want a medal for realizing i’m not the usual guy with a neck beard who worked here before?”
DORIAN: ” Nah, I mean, ya new to Oasis Springs.”
MADISON: “Whats it to you? Stop trying to change the subject already. In fact you know what, I think you need to leave, the owner of this place is going to be here any minute and i’m sure he’ll agree that you should be on your merry way because you are clearly some kid with a fake ID or something.”
DORIAN: “Y’know, ya bein’ pretty rude to customers. I think he’ll fire ya”

All i could do was roll my eyes, confident that I wasn’t going to be fired. He started getting up to leave. I felt the stress leave my body all at once.
MADISON: “Oh you’re going? Good riddance, don’t come back okay”
He just chuckled to himself.
What a douche bag. Seriously.
DORIAN: “Nah, I’m goin’ to my office upstairs, but you… ya fired. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out”
MADISON: “sure thing ‘Boss’ i’m ‘fired’ ” i air quoted, “Yeah right kid, come back when you’ve finished high school”.

DORIAN: “I’m older than you Madison”

He knew my name… he knew my age, the stress that had just left my body was quickly replaced with dread. Dread that amped itself up to 11, as soon as Elma came back from her break. I felt sick to my stomach when I saw the guy go over to her and I tried to think positive at first like maybe he was just gonna try telling her that i was rude or something, I mean, i kinda was but the guy had it coming, but then i saw him disappear upstairs and she did NOT look happy. in fact she looked the opposite of happy and it was at that moment I knew without a doubt… I fucked up.

ELMA: “What the HELL Madison?! I was gone for like 10 minutes and you got fired? FIRED!?! what the fuck happened? ”
MADISON: “I thought he was some kid and he was being a dick”
ELMA: “That was the owner, I’m the one who got you the job here I’m responsible for you, did you not listen to what i said about the brain in the strippers wig, the last guy who pissed him off here’s brains, oh this is fucking terrible”

MADISON: “You told me he’d be wearing a suit, a t-shirt and Jeans is not a suit Elma”
ELMA: “Well he USUALLY wears a suit!! How was I supposed to know he’d wear something different?!”
MADISON: “Fuuuuuuck! this is bad. Do i have to go now or what?”
ELMA: “He says that you can finish the night but after that you’re gone ”
MADISON: “shit. maybe.. maybe I could go talk to him, reason with him? Beg for my job back, I NEED this job Elma”

ELMA: ” You can try, but he’s not known for being a reasonable guy. From the rumors I’ve heard you’re pretty lucky that you’re still alive now”
MADISON: “Wish me luck then, i’m gonna try”

ELMA: “Good luck, you’re gonna need it”

My heart was beating out of my chest by the time i got to his door, I’m pretty sure he heard it before I even knocked because i’d barely touched the door before i heard his voice telling me to come in,

MADISON: “I’m so sorry! I had no idea who you were or —
DORIAN: “Get out.”
MADISON: “I came to apologize I was so out of line, but I ne-
DORIAN: “Get the fuck outta here”
MADISON: “LOOK i’m not going until you hear me out, I’m trying to be the bigger person and apologize to you”

I’ve never seen a person move as quick as he did in my life, even to this day it was like a snake springing up. One second he was seated and the next he’s stood in front of me and I have a gun in my face.
Elma was right this wasn’t a reasonable guy.
DORIAN: ” Your apologies don’t mean shit”
I looked him dead in the eyes as he pulled the trigger.

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