Worlds Apart : Chapter 1

Hide & Seek

Madison Lothario P.O.V.

Christmas is over, the holidays been so busy I’ve barely had time to think, but i guess that’s what happens when you have three kids.

I wouldn’t trade it for the world but it feels so good to finally kick back and relax. it’s rare i actually get any ME time between, dealing with the kids and dealing with Dorian and working. Its took me like, at least 5 months just to get half way through this book, but my kids are my world so it’s just part of being a mom.

My eldest daughter Liberty reminds me so much of myself when i was her age, she’s even got the same braces. Yeah that’s right I had braces, they used to call me metal mouth Madi among other things. Life has changed a lot for me since I was Liberty’s age though, but one of the biggest changes in my life happened around that time too…

~~~~STRANGERVILLE~~~ Many years ago~~~

Back then, I lived in a trailer with my mom, Kristy and my Dad, Nixon. Back when my name was Madison Dent, i remember it like it was yesterday, it was summer, and there wasn’t a cloud in sight, the brightest day I’ve ever seen but also one of my darkest because that’s the day my world stopped spinning for a while.

MADISON: “Look ma, look what i can do!!”
note that this was before I lost most of my accent and I was gonna be the greatest gymnast the world had ever seen. My fave move was the splits at this point and i’d spent most of the day outside practicing.

MADISON: “MA! Look! Look”
KRISTY: “Yea, that’s nice hun.”
MADISON: “You didn’t even LOOK ma”
She sighed the loudest sigh I’ve ever heard even to this day.

KRISTY: ” Naw I saw kid, you wanna play hide n seek with me kid?”

MADISON: “Ma I’ve not played hide n seek since i was tiny”
KRISTY: “Well ya still tiny, c’mon you count and i’ll go hide”

MADISON: “Uh fine ma, what should I count to?”
KRISTY: “Awh don’t worry about that none, i’ll holla when i’m ready for you to come find me”

Even as a kid i thought that was weird, but I covered my eyes and started counting. I got to about 10 before I saw her start running through my fingers. She was heading out of the trailer park.

MADISON: “MA! You KNOW I can’t leave here on ma own”
She’d stopped running but her back was still turned.
KRISTY: “Ya shouldn’t’ have peeked”
MADISON: “Where you goin’ i thought we were playin?”

she turned to face me, put her hand to my cheek, it felt warm. I didn’t understand her next words.
MADISON: “W-w-what?”

KRISTY: ” You ruined my life sweetie, i’m leaving and i’m never coming back”
MADISON: “i love you mommy please , please don’t go”

KRISTY: “You had to peek didn’t you kid, you had to FUCKING peep, You are pathetic, if i had to sit through another “GyMnAsTiC pErFoRmAnCe” i’d blow my brains out kid”

MADISON: “Why are you being so mean to me? What did I do wrong? I’ll be better i promise, PLEASE MA don’t leave me, i need you, I love you ”
KRISTY: ” ‘i LoVe YoU MaMmy’ Yip yip yip what the FUCK is wrong with YOU. I wish you’d never been born”

and with that she left, and the tears just kept rolling down my face. I ran back to the trailer, Dad was sat in his chair watching T.V.

MADISON: “Ma’s gone dad. She’s gone.”
He didn’t even look at me, it was all my fault and we both knew it.
NIXON: “I know Madz, i know”
Then he went back to his silence. I felt too guilty to stay inside.

I cried to myself outside, and tried to wish myself out of existence, anything to bring her back and make dad happy again.

It was hours before iI heard the door go and my Dads heavy footsteps on the front porch.
NIXON: “you gonna come inside madz, its getting dark sweetie”
MADISON:” I’m so sorry Dad its all my fault”

He practically leaped down from the porch to hug me.
NIXON: “No no no don’t you ever think that! Its my fault”
It was a sweet lie to tell a little child but it was enough.
NIXON: “You’ve still got me and i’ll never let anyone hurt you, I love you Madison, you are perfect”
Later in my life I learn’t that Mom just really hated kids and never really wanted to have me , I was just an accident that made her life miserable. She taught me one thing though; She taught me that no matter what, i’d not let a day go by where i didn’t show my kids how much they mean to me, and i promised myself I would never hurt them like she hurt me.

MADISON: “I’m so lucky to have you Lib, I love you so much.
LIBERTY: “I love you too mom, why you bein’ a weirdo”

We both had a giggle, we debated whether we should give Dorian a permanent marker mustache. We decided against it in the end because he’d probably be a drama queen about it.I may have ruined my mothers life but my kids made mine infinitely better .

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