The Lost Girl Chapter 18

The last sunset

It looked like it was about to rain when Stan and Aphrodite came back; I didn’t know what they talked about and to be honest I don’t think i want to know either. Ace started running his mouth as we were getting in the car.

ACE: Have fun with Dracula.
How had I not realised what an asshole Ace was? Had he always been this way ?
ACE: Careful Bro! She’s a whore y’know! I’m not even kidding!!

wow. I can’t believe I LOVED this guy. The worst part was he knew everything i’d been through; all these years. The worst think i ever did was try to make things work with him. How could I be so stupid. I remember the day after my birthday 3 years ago… I told him it would never work and what d’ya know? Here I am three years down the line; becoming a vampire and having my kids taken away by HIM. He was an amazing friend but things always changed whenever it was something more.
I was relieved to get back to Stans house Well I guess this was my house now. Nothing had been said but he hadn’t told me to leave again like the night before.

We ended up having a movie night, “Dawn of the Dead” and the “The lost boys”, It was weird to see how bad hollywood portrays vampires, when you’ve been face to face with the real thing. It was such a NORMAL thing to do, a movie night? Isn’t that a normal couple thing? The truth is I wouldn’t know. The only relationship i’d had was with Ace… Just sitting there cuddled up on the sofa was a nice escape; for a second it was like we were just two regular people and all the chaos didn’t even exist.
STAN: Its your last day as a human tomorrow…
And poof the normality is gone. I looked at him; lost for words. I wasn’t ready for this at all.
STAN: pack a change of clothes, and some swimwear.
well that’s weird but i was too tired to argue. I kinda wish i’d took him up on the “human” food offer. I’d kill for some grilled cheese right now, soon i’ll be on the damn liquid diet. FUCK.

LUNA: Okay… uh, Stan when i turn… what will I be eating?
STAN: What do you think haha.
LUNA: Well.. No shit. I mean… will i have to eat people?
STAN: Well… yeah. Its easy; it’ll come more or less naturally but i’ll be there with you on your first hunt don’t worry.
Yeah that was reassuring…not. I felt sick to my stomach .
LUNA: I don’t want to be a vampire…
STAN: I know but, who knows you might enjoy it. Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire
LUNA: You know i’m not dumb.. I know that’s the tagline for Lost boys.
STAN: Damn.. busted. I would change it if i could Luna trust me, but I couldn’t just let you die.
LUNA: Yeah.. thankyou for doing that, I mean it.

The next Day; It was warm for an autumn day; the place he took me was in Oasis Springs. I’d not been in Oasis Springs since I was a kid. I’d gone all over Oasis springs with my Dad but i never knew this place existed. He’d guided me through some trees and then here it was a spring and a beach. It was like we’d just walked into summer.
LUNA: How did I not know about this place? I lived in this town for YEARS!
STAN: When you’ve been around as long as I have you learn where all the secret places are. I was going to take you to this place thats hidden inside a tree, but I thought you’d like to feel the sun on you one last time. Its your last day as a human it sounds cheesy but I wanted to make it special.

Well ain’t that sweet; If I could have planned my last day it wouldn’t even compare to this one. It was amazing; the heat on my skin from the sun, the cool water it was beyond perfect. Ace had done romantic stuff; like back on my birthday; he’d paid so much just to impress me; but this… it was simple. You see all those sayings like “things money can’t buy” I finally understood them. i’m not even sure how to describe it; I’ve known this guy for 4 days…

Why do I care so much? I wanted to blame it on his blood being in my veins and the whole vampire thing but i could feel it at the club. Ugh I was going crazy.

We watched the sunset together and he promised me it wouldn’t be the last one i’d see. I knew it would at least be a while but i believed him. I don’t want to say the word LOVE after 4 days but the truth is it was pretty close.

When the night set in i was surprised by amazing fireworks, fucking fireworks. Who even does that? I felt like a fucking princess.

 This was brand new. It didn’t even feel like I was going to die tonight.

Eventually it was time to leave;
LUNA: Thankyou for today its been amazing..
STAN: I told you i’d make it special. You don’t need to thank me. It’s my fault you’re gonna be a ” Monster ” tomorrow.
LUNA: Y’know maybe being a vampire won’t be that bad…
STAN: You mean that?
LUNA: yeah like you said “Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It’s fun to be a vampire”

I winked at him, the next moment i was in his arms. Being a vampire wouldn’t be so bad as long as i had him. Trust my Mister right to be mister undead. When we got home he played guitar and we sang together for a while. He’d just finished his version of “the man who sold the world” when he looked at me;

STAN: we’re gonna go see a friend of mine tomorrow; I need her help. She’ll be able to help you too…If things go well with her; you might be seeing the sun again soon. She’s a bit of a bitch so don’t let her get to you. I have a feeling she’s gonna like you though.
LUNA:oh really? Thats awesome! she’ll like me? why’d ya think that?
STAN: Just a hunch.
I didn’t question it further I was too tired,but the words “seeing the sun again soon” were playing on repeat in my head. That MUST mean a cure right?! Did I even want a cure though? I’d found someone who I trust … no lies, i was happy. If keeping that meant being a vampire…. I guess its not really death and its more like a new life ?

STAN POV: I held her until her heart stopped beating.

Getting dressed I kissed her goodbye;

 I didn’t want to leave her but I had business to do. She looked beautiful; I owed my freedom to her, but theres so much she doesn’t know. Things i don’t even know how to begin to tell her. I already knew that tomorrow will be the decider; if I know Dahlia; and I do, she won’t be able to hold her tongue and Luna is gonna either stay or shes gonna run for the hills. Hopefully she will understand. Its been 200 years since I met anyone like her…

Getting into his house was easy; all the garlic that Luna had put around the house was gone. Perfect. He was a light sleeper; all i did was say his name a few times. I went for the classic movie style; If i’m gonna teach this guy, I gotta put a show on right? Of course he woke up screaming. For a guy he had a girly scream. It was hard to keep a straight face.

STAN: Hi Ace.
He was silent. Weird he was all mouth yesterday..
STAN: What’s the matter ?… Sidney?
ACE: D-D-d-did Luna tell you that?

STAN: Nope. So, how did you become such a bastard Sidney? Was it because Jimmy Salter bullied you in boarding school or was it because Daddy used to beat you?
ACE: How do you know all that? What the FUCK?
STAN: Isn’t that obvious… Ace, you know how you’re threatening to take away Alice and Johnny away from Luna?
ACE: Y-y-yeah…
STAN: Don’t do that.
ACE: Why the fuck not ?
Really? He’s grown a backbone now.
STAN: If you do that. I will make sure that you never have a moments peace. I can rip apart a family too.. Your sister Annabella, your mother Cecilia. GONE. and you? i’ll make sure you never have a moments rest; You’ll see my face EVERYWHERE. Whatever you do i’ll be there. Wherever you run i will find you, i will make your life hell to the point you WISH i would kill you. I’ll make sure you never sleep again and when you are begging for death I won’t let you, If you try to commit suicide I will stop you. You will suffer for the rest of your lifetime and when you’re an old man on your death bed. I will make you into a vampire and you will be mine for an eternity at my every whim…. Thats what i’ll do.
ACE : I wan’t you to leave, I’m gonna call the cops.
I dropped to the floor in front of him.

STAN: and tell them what? A VAMPIRE threatened you? C’mon Ace no one would believe you….

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