The Lost Girl Chapter 16


Everything was black, there was nothing. Then i heard it, it started off faint, and then the sound grew louder, music a guitar. I opened my eyes to a strange place; as my vision focused I saw Stan playing the guitar.

LUNA: You’re a Nirvana fan? Really.
He didn’t reply he just gave a faint nod and smiled at me.

What the fuck was going on? The last thing I remembered was being stabbed my that freaky teen. I should be dead right now. Am I dead? is this the afterlife? I doubt my ass would get into heaven though.. and this is NOT how i pictured hell. I looked down at my stomach. I was covered in bloody bandages and just my underwear. Well this wasn’t awkward at all. I sat up bracing myself expecting to be in pain but there wasn’t any. I just felt like shit. I was dizzy as hell.
The music stopped.
STAN: How are you feeling?
LUNA: i feel like shit.. what is this place?
STAN: This is my home.
Wait what.
LUNA: your home? what about Aphrodite?
STAN: I’ve had this place long before I met Aphrodite. She doesn’t even know this place exists. Its kinda like my safe house.
This was so weird. I saw the sun shining behind him.
LUNA: How long have I been out?
STAN: About a day. Upstairs, First door on the left is my room. There’s a bookshelf in there; its a secret door. Theres a closet in there full of my first wives clothes; y’know the one i told you about, the one I met …. and lost. Her clothes should fit you. Choose whatever you like. Sorry about undressing you. Your clothes were kinda … you know, covered in blood and stuff.
LUNA: I was stabbed right?
STAN: Yeah you were. I got to you just in time.
LUNA: How did you find me?
STAN: I could smell you when you were walking back. Then I smelt your blood and i knew something had happened. I got there as fast as I could.
LUNA: What happened to the kid who stabbed me?
Silence, Okay.
STAN: Go get dressed Luna; I need to tell you something when you come back. By the way. Don’t take of your bandage; i’ll talk to you about it when you come back.

Well the award for weird goes to Stan today. The guy had a fancy house; He had a lot of mirrors. Why would a vampire need mirrors?! The first thing I saw when I went his room was the needles and heroin. So Aphrodite was at least telling the truth about that i suppose, My mind wondered; I could easily just shoot up then and there if i wanted to, I felt pretty proud of myself for resisting it.
It was bugging me why Stan was so adamant about me keeping the bandages on. Curiosity got the better of me; i unwrapped the bandages that were strapped around me; underneath there was .. Nothing. Not a single mark.

He was in front of me in no time;
STAN: I saved your life. ..

Those words said it all. He’d turned me. I’d read that it could take days to transform completely.
LUNA: No you didn’t. You made me a vampire. That’s worse than dying. What the fuck is wrong with taking me to a hospital like a NORMAL person?! You made me a monster!

i saw a flash of yellow glimmer his eyes, barring his fangs at me; i’d hit a nerve. He leaned over me.

STAN: If i’d taken you to hospital .. you’d not be here right now. I didn’t want you to die so i turned you. I charged your damn phone, its on the desk, get dressed call Ace and get out.
He left the room without another word. So that was that then.. in a few days i’d be a vampire. I wandered into the room he’d told me about, it was covered in pictures of a woman; the ex-wife i guess. She was pretty.

 The closet was full to the brim of dresses from different eras. I slipped into a sleek purple-blue dress. I went to the bathroom to call Ace and was met with yet more mirrors. Seriously. Cross tattoos and jewellery, no curtains, an angel on his back and a houseful of mirrors. Stan was a weird vampire. It was as I was about to call Ace that i realised i’d called Stan a monster. I felt bad; I mean sure he was a monster; he’d done some bad shit but would a monster have wanted to save me?

ACE: OH Hi Luna, you finally got in touch then?
LUNA: Yeah. Have you done being a dick?
ACE: You sound high Luna.
I hadn’t realised how slurred my voice was; shit.
LUNA: Actually i’m not.
ACE: Yeah whatever Luna you’ve been gone a whole day with Aphrodites junkie scumbag husband. I really don’t see what she sees in him.
LUNA: ACE; I need you to listen to me; Vampires are real! Aphrodite is a Vampire an-
ACE: Great; youre high as a fucking kite; and you’ve lost your mind, Wherever you are stay there. I’m taking the kids back to my mothers; you clearly don’t care about them. Do you think social services would be happy to learn you’ve relapsed again. Seriously Luna. Grow the fuck up. The amount of money my mother has put into treatments for you… and you always fuck it up. we’re done Luna. You clearly aren’t ready to be a mom. JEEZ you are so selfish! I can’t believe i’m only just seeing this now. We’re done. Its over. If you want to be involved in our kids lives prove it in court because i’m SO done with this bullshit.

I was still holding the phone to my face for minutes after he hung up. I was frozen; it was a good half hour before i left the bathroom. He was done with me. Did he really trust me that little? I went back to the bedroom to find Stan on the bed. I was about to turn and leave the room when he spoke.
STAN: I’m sorry Luna, I’m sorry I snapped at you. I never wanted to turn you; I panicked thinking i’d lose you that’s the only reason i did it okay. Pure fear. You aren’t even mine to lose thats the stupid part.

LUNA: I’m sorry too.. I was just pissed.
He turned to face me;

STAN: The dress looks good on you by the way; I knew her clothes would fit you. You look amazing. .. I guess this is it then? You’re gonna head back home to Ace?
LUNA: nope.
He sat back against the headboard.
STAN: What is that guys problem?
I made my way to the end of the bed and crawled over to where he was; I was almost on top of him.

STAN: Luna what are you doing?
LUNA: Well; I’m going to get my children back for one. But first..
I climbed onto him.

STAN: Your children what? Luna we talked about this last night. I’m not going to d-
I cut him off.
Luna: shh. we’ll talk about that later; for now me and Ace are over… for good. now stop holding out and fucking kiss me like you want to.

His lips finally met mine and in that moment all the stress and fear melted away.

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