The Lost Girl Chapter 15

All good girls..

I was totally confused, the silence was heavy; all the anger i had felt towards Ace had faded away. All that was left was confusion.
STAN: What i mean is.. I’m too cruel to just kill her; i’m going to cure her she won’t be a succubus or a vampire by the end of it.
LUNA: How is that cruel?
STAN: Because Aphrodite values her looks and youth over everything. If I cure her… All that will be gone. The last 30 years will catch up to her, she’ll be old, wrinkled and powerless.
LUNA: Is that so bad? it’s not that bad. She deserves worse.
STAN: For her that would be the ultimate torture. I just need to make or find a cure.
LUNA: How long will that take?
STAN: Who knows, I have forever to find it.
I couldn’t even imagine having “forever”, it made me wonder how old he was. Was it rude to ask a vamp their age? One way to find out.
LUNA: Stan? …. How old are you?
STAN: You know, I don’t even remember. I was around before there was even a word for us; we were just the reason people feared the dark. I don’t remember being human. I can’t remember being turned; Everyone who i might have loved as a mortal is long since dead. All i know is being alone, alone for the longest time, I travelled the whole world when it was uncharted. I watched the crucifixion. I watched the crusades; i saw the black plague come and go, I saw other vampires being hunted and tortured, i’ve waged wars, fought, i’ve killed countless people; brought down entire civilisations. I’m probably responsible for the majority of the vampires in this world who kill and maim every day just like i did. I found someone a long time ago; The Victorian Era to be exact. I turned her and I lost her like i lost everyone else.
Tears had started to fill my eyes. All i wanted to do is hold him ya know. I moved closer and pressed myself to him.

STAN: Don’t cry. I love being a vampire. I just hate how empty forever is.
Its not often i get hit in the feels but ya know when you just can’t control yourself? well i decided to go in for the kiss. I felt him grab my waist as he gently pushed me away. SHIT. Guess who has two thumbs and just fucked up. This girl.
I’d never been rejected like that before; ever. It actually hurt what the fuck. I stepped back from him. He let out a sigh, and it was like salt in a wound.
STAN: Luna…
LUNA: Sorry ..
I felt so bad; then again it was my own fault. He’d not really given me any sign whatsoever that he’d be into it.

STAN: No.. Its .. Its not that I don’t want to Luna. Believe me, i’ve pictured myself kissing you since the party. I actually thought it was lucky that we just happened to get a chance to talk and end up here, and contrary to what Aphrodite tells people i don’t cheat or even think about it so really; its NOT that i don’t want to.
The rejection eased hearing that; ugh i’m crazy. I must be crazy what am I even doing? Why did hearing that make me so happy. Snap out of it Luna.
LUNA : So … What is it?
STAN: You said it yourself. You don’t know how you feel about Ace . I don’t want to get either of our hopes up okay? Go home Luna. Try sort things out.
UGH. Ace had told me i shouldn’t come home, and I really didn’t want to go back there.
LUNA: My phones dead. I can’t call a taxi.
STAN: I’ll call you one. Let me know how it goes okay.

The ride home dragged. I was dreading it as I went to open the door.
What the fuck. My key wasn’t working. The bastard had left his key in the door. The sun was coming up and i wasn’t spending all day on the porch.

I knew the Broken Fang was an Inn, so i could probably crash there right? I didn’t need to go all the way back to forgotten Hollow but it was only the next town over. How i didn’t realise that is beyond me and i’d be lying if i said Stan didn’t factor in to it. I just wanted to feel safe y’know, typical Luna Logic… I want to feel safe so i head back to a town full of vampires in the hopes of bumping into someone who might be one of the most dangerous vamps to ever exist. Real smart. Better get walking Luna.

I was pretty close to Forgotten Hollow when it happened. I’d been so transfixed on Vampires that i forgot people like my dad existed. Human monsters. I was on the last stretch of pavement before i reached the town lines, when he jumped out of trees next to me. Machete in hand, half a skull mask covering his face; covered in blood. Either this was one hell of a halloween prank,or this kid had been busy. I barely got a look at him at first, as soon as he jumped in my path i punched him on instinct.

It knocked him back for a second; but i didn’t get much of a head start in killer heels; Sneakers beat high heels though because he was in front of me before i knew it.

I didn’t even feel the blade cut through me; it was only after he pulled it outta me that i felt the burn.

 I saw my blood on the floor; Lightheaded i grasped at my stomach. There was so much blood. This was it. I’d never see my family; Id never see Ace; I’d never see Stan again. I saw Blurry Shapes of people as my eyes struggled to stay open. The last thing i heard was screaming and the loud beating of my heart as it pumped the last of my blood out of the gaping hole in my stomach.

I don’t know whether i dreamed it or not but i swear for a second I saw Stan and then I closed my eyes for the last time.

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