The Lost Girl Chapter 14

Stan the vampire man

so Stan made Vlad…

LUNA: HAHAHAHAH VLAD was made by a vampire called STANLEY !!
I was beyond shocked but i found it hilarious y’know. Stan didn’t look as amused as me.
LUNA: What kind of Vampire name is Stanley anyway?
STAN: My names actually Stanislav. Is that more “Vampy” for you ? He smirked.
I’m glad he took it well because that name made all the laughter i’d been holding drop like lead.
STAN: You’ve read about me haven’t you.
LUNA: Yeah. You’re the prince who came out of thin air, you butchered an entire army by yourself, before disappearing completely. right?
STAN: Bingo. I don’t like the spotlight. Vlad does. I always put it down to the fact i killed his entire colony and family before turning him,
LUNA: Why would you do that?
STAN: Because I could. duh. Did the “butchering of an army” not give away the fact i’ve not been the nicest, most friendly vampire in existence? Luna if you’re looking for some sparkly vegans you’re looking at the wrong guy.
well that was dark. Dark but interesting. I was starting to sweat a little. He’d seemed so different at the party, this was brand new to me. I wanted to know more, but i was also about one wrong move from pissing myself.

STAN: You know i could jump over this table; rip out your throat and drain your entire body of blood before you could even scream?
LUNA: Would you really do that?
okay so the small drops of sweat was now a fucking swimming pool. I felt all the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Every inch of me wanted to run but i was frozen in place. waiting for him to break the silence.
His eyes locked onto mine.
STAN: I could… it doesn’t mean i would. so you can quit sweating, before we have to swim to the bar.
A smile spread across his face as his eyes softened.
STAN: Reeeeelax Luna. I’m gonna go smoke, you coming with?
He laughed, clearly amused with himself.. Yeah Real funny Stan. Hilarious. I’ll just turn my sweat off like a tap, i can do that. before i had Bzzzz. I jumped out of my seat, embarrassed that i’d just jumped a mile at my phone I ran to the restroom to check my texts.

{ Don’t bother coming home }
WOW. nice. Ya know its bad when Mr. Rip ya throat out is more appealing than ya own so called boyfriend.
I was in the middle of texting him back; An angry rant of course, when my phone died. Fan-fucking-tastic.

UGH. For fucks sake. I stormed onto the balcony area where Stan was smoking.

STAN: You okay?
LUNA: No. Not really.
STAN: Well what’s up?
LUNA: It doesn’t matter.
He exhaled his smoke in silence. He was waiting I could tell.

LUNA: Its Ace my boyfriend. Hes being an utter cunt. I don’t know if its a rough patch or what but everything he does pisses me off! Its stupid I used to think he was the most amazing guy ever. He’s been by my side for so long and gone through so much with me but it just doesn’t feel the same. I want to say he’s changed but i don’t know. Maybe its me he’s got me questioning myself over and over again and I can’t take it !

What the fuck was I doing. Spewing my relationship to some strange vampire? I must be nuts but i couldn’t stop. I started to walk I was too angry to just sit there, I needed to move I needed to fucking vent!
LUNA: He makes me feel guilty y’know? He brings out the best in me sometimes but no matter what he’s always brought out worst in me without fail. It took us 4 years of being on and off to finally get “us” to work and now i’m realizing we just really don’t work. We’ve lasted two years and all i can think is it wouldn’t have lasted this long if it wasn’t for the twins. Whats the point in being someone if its only for the kids its unhealthy. y’know. Ugh. He drives me crazy, and it fucks me off because i’ve spent so long being completely in love with him and now … now i don’t even know any more,
I took a deep breath.
LUNA: I’m sorry Stan.
STAN: Luna; I told you all about Aphrodite cheating just last night; I get it. Everyone needs to vent sometimes, its cool.
LUNA: Stan… how did you end up with Aphrodite?
He sighed heavily.

STAN: I honestly don’t know. I know I don’t love her. I don’t even like her. ha.
LUNA : You made her right? Why can’t you command her to leave you or something.
I was grasping at straws. The more I talked to Stan the more he grew on me. I hated the idea of him being stuck with Aphrodite.
STAN: I’m not sure why; i’m reckoning its because she’s part succubus; but i have no control over her.
LUNA : Why don’t you just kill her?
STAN: because i’m just as cruel as her
Ok. Now i was confused.
STAN… What i mean is…

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