The Lost Girl Chapter 13


October 31st
I got a taxi home from the bust my neighbour called a party; If i was going for drinks, like hell was i going as the damn queen of hearts; the dress was itchy as fuck. The plan was for me to get changed; call Stan and meet him. The plan went to shit as i was leaving the house.
A wild pirate appeared. That pirate being Ace. Great so now he gives a shit?
ACE: Where are YOU going?
LUNA: Why do ” YOU” care? You didn’t seem too bothered when I left the party.
ACE: you were the one who decided not to say anything; I found out from Dr.- I mean Aphrodite. She was the one who told me you’d gone home, oh and planning to meet up with her HUSBAND? Real classy Luna.

LUNA: If you already knew where I was going then why bother asking? Kinda shady Ace..
ACE: Yeah well; I shouldn’t have to ask. Luna you- we have kids now. Its time to grow the fuck up. You aren’t going.

LUNA: Grow up? ME? You’re the one happy living off of mommy’s money still ace, and yeah WE have kids… Kids that are staying OVERNIGHT with a babysitter. I Haven’t been out in 3 YEARS Ace. You aren’t my father and you sure as hell aren’t the boss of me. Now give me ONE good reason why I can’t go.
He was pressing ALL the wrong buttons with me tonight. For a while actually. You know when you love someone so much but they slowly piss you off and little by little they piss ya off so much that, that LOVE slowly starts turning to hate and resentment? Well that’s what was happening. Ace had changed since the kids, he called it growing up; I called it being a possessive asshole.
ACE: You know Aphrodite and her husband have been having problems right? He’s constantly cheating on her and… he’s just a bad guy. Aphrodite says hes a junkie too; its probably why you two get along huh? y’know its so bad, she’s on about leaving his ass.
LUNA: Well I guess me and Aphrodite have something in fucking common then.
He took a step back. I read the shock on his face. After a moment of silence he spoke.
ACE: Whatever; you aren’t going.
I sighed. I really hate being told what to do.
Luna: You win Ace. I guess i’ll go back inside.
Of course when i got inside i went and did my make up; found my sexiest dress, my highest heels and some fishnet stockings. Fuck it I even slipped into my sexiest underwear. If Ace can’t trust me; I might as well give him good reason not to.
I walked out of the house; he ran out after me.
I completely blanked him. If he can do it to me I sure as hell can do it too.
I shouted back, flipping him the bird as I made my way to meet Stan.

The bar we went to was the broken fang Inn; apparently it was a “Human friendly” Vampire place; no biting allowed. Way out in a town called Forgotten Hollow; I read about this town when I was doing my research. Founded by Count Vladislaus himself. I knew i’d be back here in 4 days to meet . A shiver went down my spine as if someone had just walked over my grave, it soon passed as I followed Stan into the basement of the old inn.. HOLY SHIT.

 This place was amazing! I felt the smile spread on my face; I forgot about everything for the moment Stan and I headed to the dance floor. He wasn’t much of a dancer; he looked kinda awkward really. How the HELL did he end up married to Aphrodite of all people?!

STAN: Not bad right? This is the first time i’ve seen you smile so it can’t be that bad.
LUNA: This place is amazing!
It felt weird having real fun after all this time; I turned on my charm pretty fast; just dancing, drinking, having a laugh y’know i’ve fucking missed this. I’d nearly forgotten the main reason i’d agreed to have a drink with Stan. He’d told me that Aphrodite wasn’t to be trusted; like that wasn’t hella obvious. I felt there was something more to it though; like he was holding back. I was having fun; but answers were more important.
LUNA: So.. you didn’t drag me here to dance did you?
He threw his head up, letting out a nervous laugh. Busted. I knew it.
STAN: I was wondering when you were gonna bring that up. Follow me.

Without question I followed him to one of the private rooms. His face completely dropped. This was serious Stan.

STAN: You can not trust her. Her ‘Plan’ is a trap, she’s not going to help you with Vlad. She’s going to turn you.

LUNA: Why? Why would she do that? wouldn’t that make me stronger? I’d be able to kick her bitch ass as a vamp right?!
STAN: No. When you turn someone then you gain complete control over them. You can command them to do ANYTHING you want. Her plan is to turn you; then she’d have you kill everyone you love, and then you’d spend the rest of your miserable vampiric life as one of Vlads concubines until you were so sick of your own existence that you would take a hike in the sun.

LUNA: Well fuck.
I thought it over, the more i thought though the less sense it all made.
LUNA: If that was true; why hasn’t she already turned me? She’s had plenty of chances. It just doesn’t make sense Stan. Besides i know she’s a mega bitch but that all seems kinda petty.
STAN: Aphrodite IS petty. She holds a grudge like no one i’ve ever met. Think about it this way.. All those times; what did you have to take away really? Nothing. Now you have a family you are attached to, your kids aren’t those babies you weren’t sure you even wanted any more. You love them. That means it will hurt you a lot more when you’re the one ripping out their innocent little throats. She’s so twisted and consumed with this hate against you because of your father that she wants to slip that knife in as deep as she can.
Do you understand that?
I was a little taken aback. He was right though. I knew Aphrodite was a bitch but that was just crazy. How the fuck did she become a therapist ?! Psycho Bitch. I was grateful for the heads up but it was less of a relief than i’d been hoping for. Then again I don’t even know what the hell I was hoping for in the first place.
Luna: Yeah I get it. But where does Vlad come into it all. Ain’t he the big bad?
STAN: pffft Vlads nothing. Don’t worry. I can deal with him.

The dusty old books had told me that Vlad was one of the most powerful known vampires; Stan seemed a little over confident. The more i spoke to this guy the more questions I had.
LUNA: Vlad is one of the most powerful known vampires in history he’s all over the encyclopedia Vampirica. How the hell are you so confident about this?
STAN: Exactly “Known” , Who do you think made Vlad a vampire in the first place?

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