The Lost Girl Chapter 10


I was in the hospital for a few week; I didn’t turn into a vampire thankfully. I’d go see the kids with Ace and watch em through glass. It made me feel like an ass that they were there because of me but Ace always told me it was okay; they were gonna be okay and thats what matters. He was right but i still felt bad y’know. What if it was worse? What then?
Eventually I was able to leave with the kids,

I was pretty much ambushed by Blaze.

 I guess Ace must have told her i was getting out; she hugged me as soon as i got through the doors, better than being bitten i suppose but i was getting sick and tired of ‘relatives’. Then I saw him, the police officer.

LUNA: You brought a copper?
BLAZE: Luna this is your brother don’t you recognise him?. He helped me search for you.
MICHEAL: hey.. Luna. Hope ya okay. Its good to see you again.
Ha. Sure. Some search party.
LUNA: Great job finding me. Really. You must have searched SO hard.
MICHEAL: WE did Luna. Why’d ya run off anyway. You know how hard it was to see mom like that? You weren’t even there LUCKY you. you were too busy running away when we needed you. You are so selfish! Me and Blaze have spent six YEARS looking for you, and you don’t even care. What the fuck?!
How fucking dare he say that. He pressed my buttons, so my fist found his face.

Blaze and Ace were holding the two of us off of each other before he could react.
BLAZE: look Luna, I just want us to be family again.
LUNA: I have a family. You two aren’t it. So go fuck yourselves.

I saw the pain in their eyes and i didn’t care. I had my own family now. I didn’t need them, I just needed Ace and my children. Johnny and Alice. My beautiful kids. Ace tried to convince me to give em a chance but i was having none of it. Fuck them.

The house Cecilia had bought me was beautiful, with sunflowers in the front garden. My favourites. It was a dream home and for a while; a dream life. Ace had stopped dealing and I wasn’t working, Cecilia supported us financially, she had bought Ace a car too; “Because you can’t have kids on that monstrous motorcycle” Apparently, She never seemed bothered that the kids didn’t take the Goth name; she loved them anyway, and spoiled them rotten.

The first year flew by, we’d be visited regularly by Mr. Arnold the social worker.

 I guess we were doing a good job ’cause he never complained. The new neighbours moved next door about 2 years into living there; the Bensons.

 Typical suburbanites the type of people i hate usually, they were nice but boring as hell. Kate would come over and chat on my porch about bullshit i didn’t give a fuck about. She was always on about a play date with the twins and her toddler Dylan. Its been six month since i met her and still no play date.

My guess is she’s a two faced bitch but who knows. I didn’t care. I had everything I ever wanted. A family with the love of my life in a fancy house. I found my self sighing at how perfect life was; we had our routines, feed, bathe, play with the kids and bedtime for them at 6pm.

 It was exhausting but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

On an evening I researched vampires.

The sayin’ once bitten twice as shy comes to mind. I needed to know. These THINGS were very real. Ace thought I was crazy. But all i wanted was to keep this happy life going. Another thing that played on my mind was Cecilias money. I didn’t want to sponge offa her y’know?
Recently i had been checking myself out in the bathroom; I had a nice body again, and there was one thing i knew i could do well.

I decided to go back to work. While Ace was tucking the kids in, I was getting changed,

 I left a note on the fridge for Ace and I was just about to leave when I heard him running downstairs.
ACE: Where are you going dressed like that? are you doing what i think you’re doing?

LUNA: I’m doing what I do best. I REFUSE to live offa ya mom Ace. I can’t live like that.
ACE: You think i like it? do you see ME going into dealing again?! NO. and why? BECAUSE WE HAVE KIDS NOW LUNE.

LUNA: shhhh they’re in bed. stop shouting . Yeah..well you have skills to do other jobs, I don’t, sorry i’m the only one getting off their ass here.
I spun round to leave when i saw a man through the glass on the door. On the porch was a tall, pale guy, dressed in all black.

I’d seen him while i was doing research. “Vladislaus Straud” FUCK this was bad. oh shit… Great now Ace had seen him too.

ACE: Should I call the cops?
he asked reading my face.
The guy started to walk away from the house.
I grabbed Aces face.
LUNA: you can’t call the cops, Ace. They can’t help us. Please go check on the kids….Please.
He seemed confused but went up to check on them without question.
This Vlad guy was a big man in the vamp world, this was not good. I had expected the visit, i’d kept it secret from Ace but a few days ago i’d had a text saying i had a nice neck. I thought it was a prank or some creep who hadn’t lost my number when he shoulda. It all made sense now.
There was only one person who could help me. I didn’t wanna ask them. I rang them anyway, they could help. I knew it.

SHIT. No answer.
Fuck. I could feel my perfect world crumbling. Every inch of me wanted to cry.
The next day was normal, Same old routine with the kids with just an extra dash of looming dread to spice shit up. That night a nightmare woke me up, I didn’t usually have nightmares anymore. Weird. I felt a cold arm around me. Jeez Ace was freezing.

APHRODITE: You rang ?
FUCK, I opened my eyes to see her long blonde hair. Her red lips inches from my neck, and across the room I saw Ace.

I wanted to panic but I couldn’t; I felt my body sitting on the edge of the bed like i had no control at all. This had to be her… could she really control me like this? I felt kinda violated but i wasn’t worried about myself..
LUNA: What did you do to him?

APHRODITE: Don’t be a drama queen, that doesn’t matter. He isn’t part of this, and hes perfectly fine.
He looked like he was in a deep conversation, but he was talking nonsense. How much power did she have?
LUNA: I shouldn’t have called you…
And the bad decision award goes to me.
APHRODITE: NO, if Vlad is sniffing around you are in BIG trouble. As much as I despise your father; you are still family. Family help eachother out.
FUCK. just when I thought i had a normal life sorted,Count fuckula had to come and ruin it..
LUNA: Do we have to kill him?
She laughed. longer then she should have really.

APHRODITE: I WISH…Here’s what you need to do…

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