The Lost Girl Chapter 9

Birth and rebirth

Luna was already in labour by the time i got there; some lady called Blaze had rang me off of Lunas phone telling me to hightail it to the hospital.
Luna was screaming her head off, I didn’t know what to do this shit was crazy. I just held her hand, while the midwife and Dr.Richard kept telling her to breathe and push.

we’d been warned that the kids were likely to be born premature; i didn’t realise it would be two months early though. Jeez. A girl and boy, hell, We didn’t even get time to hold ’em,
they got rushed straight to Intensive care, screaming their heads off. Luna was out like a light; I was rushed out of the room pretty much straight away.. after a while Dr.Richard sat me down with her.

DR.RICHARD: Theres been complications.
Yeah. i’m not gonna lie, my mind jumped to the worst straight away. Fuck.
ACE: Complications? What do you mean complications?!

DR.Richard: As you know mr.Goth, the infants were born with Neonatal abstinence syndrome; a side effect of Lunas Methadone treatments. We’ll need to keep them in until
we can ween them off of their addiction. Otherwise; they were born healthy- other than a little underweight. There’s no cognitive or physical issues that we can see at this moment.
I was relieved. They were okay.

ACE: So how long are you keeping them? When can we take them home?
DR.Richard: The weening process can take anything from 1 week to 3 months Mr.Goth. They’ll remain in ICU until then, once they are fit; you’ll be able to take them home following Luna’s psychiatric
evaluation and once she recovers.
ACE: Once she recovers? Can i see her. Please Doc.

I begged and Dr. Richard nodded following me to the room where Luna was still unconscious. It reminded me of the night she OD’d.
Fuck.bad memories. the kind i don’t wanna relive.

ACE: Is this not normal ?
DR. Richard: Oh many mothers need time to recover from childbirth, as Luna had such a premature Labour shes suffered a vaginal tear, its quite common in first time mothers and nothing to worry about. She’s going to be tender for a while, but its not too serious. She should come to in a few hours, her blood pressure and heart rate are both stable, I’ll leave you alone with her for a moment; please let me know when she wakes up. Our resident psychiatrist Dr. Moran has agreed to consult with her.

LUNA POV: Blue skies and the greenest grass i’d ever seen.
BLAZE: That one looks like a sheep!
LUNA:they all look like sheep.

I’d never met Blaze before now; Dad said she was my auntie but I was 7 and never met her before now. Dad told me she didn’t like the food at the restaurant he had.
I might be 7 but i’m clever. I’d spent the whole afternoon looking at clouds with this lady. I asked her why she didn’t see me more. She told me i’d find out when i’m older.
If it was food she woulda said right? Suddenly, the clouds and sky faded into a face. A blurry face. Ace’s face, the grass turned into a hospital bed and i faded back into reality.

LUNA: you.
Ace laughed before telling me he loved me too. It was nice, as if the last few months hadn’t even happened, as if the argument hadn’t happened at all. Then I remembered why i was here.
I stood, frantically looking around,I was actually panicking! Fuck! where were my children?!
ACE: Calm down, you lay back down. The children are fine don’t worry, they are in intensive care at the moment. They are gonna be okay i just need ya to calm the fuck down Luna.
He pulled me in and kissed me.

They were okay. My breathing went back to normal, my stopped thumping in my chest. Breathing a sigh of relief I laid back down.
Ace left me, to go tell the doctor i was awake and to get me a drink. A few seconds after he left a bat appeared.

FUCK. I knew what this was almost instinctively. When the bat transformed into Aphrodite, I wasn’t surprised…. Wait a minute it was daytime.
LUNA: Wait.. Its day time ?! How the fuck are you not a pile of ash?
She laughed at me maniacally.

APHRODITE: Did you see that in a movie?
Before I knew what was even happening I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I couldn’t move what the fuck. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t do shit. The bitch was biting me. Fuck! Was she gonna kill me?!
My vision faded, when i next opened my eyes Ace was next to me and I was laid on the bed again. Did I dream that shit? I put it down to paranoia.

ACE: So Dr. Moran says your mental health is fine from her evaluation of you! She beat me and the doc to you when you woke up! I just got back to her telling us you’re fine. This is great Luna we’ll be outta here in no time.

He seemed so fucking happy.. Wait, So Aphrodite was here?!
LUNA: I just gotta go to the restroom. Just a sec Ace.
Shit, shit, shit. I looked at the two holes in my neck in the mirror. FUCK! was i gonna become one of those things?! She didn’t burn in the sun?! What the fuck.

Maaaan I looked like shit. I felt like shit too! ugh.

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