The Lost Girl Chapter 8

Its all Relative

Cecilia knew?! I had asked one simple thing. Don’t tell her and he couldn’t even do that?! I hadn’t even left time for Cecilia to think; As soon as those words left her mouth I was upstairs. I was in my second trimester but that didn’t stop me.

I shouted as I barged into the room. Slamming the door behind me.
I’d been angry before; its no secret i have a short fuse. THIS time? oh boy. What comes after fucking angry? Cos that was me yanno.
ACE: What? Luna calm –

He was in my face. Trying to grab my shoulders. Not to- fucking-day.
LUNA: Don’t you dare call me crazy.

I pulled my stinging hand away from his face. The red imprint was clear on his face.
It wasn’t long after, when Cecilia came into the room.
CECILIA: LUNA! please. Don’t blame Sidney for this. Sit down girl let me explain.
I stared her down.

Okay, the bitch meant business. I sat down bracing myself. After this I was gonna be back on the street. I could feel it. Ace’s face was red as fuck and I’d probably woken the whole neighbourhood up with my yelling. FUCK. It soon became double fuck when Cecilia started talking..
CECILIA: Sidney has told me nothing Luna,
LUNA: Then how did you know?!
CECILIA: I’m OLD. I’m not stupid. A girl like yourself doesn’t go from wearing .. well lets say ” revealing outfits” to baggy t-shirts for no reason. In fact the Only reason I know for it is hiding a bump.

Ace pulled me closer to him on the sofa. I didn’t deserve it but it was nice.
CECILIA: Besides; I’ve mothered three children dear. I know a pregnancy when I see one.
she shot me a wink.
3? I only knew Ace and Annabella..
before i could ask she was leaving.
CECILIA: ONE more thing Luna; Don’t hit my son again. Sidney had enough of that from his father. I stood by too many times then; I won’t make the same mistake again.

Without another word she was gone.
Ace quickly shrugged me off of him; reaching for a cigarette.
LUNA: A cig? what about the babies?
LUNA: Fine. What did your mother mean by 3 children? You got a bro ya been hiding from me?
No answer again.
LUNA: A sister?
ugh! He was really doing this? … wait.
LUNA: look i’m sorry okay?!
ACE: Are you?…. That’s nice.

That’s nice?! Ace had never been like this before. Any anger i had soon left me.
LUNA: are we gonna work this out ?… I love you.
ACE: I don’t know. What’s even is “love” without trust Luna?

I didn’t even know how to answer.
Over the next few month Ace slept on love seat in the bedroom.
He went out a lot more often; I never asked where. I was trying this new thing called “trust” I guess.
I stopped having my nightly chats with Cecilia.
I couldn’t face Ace; I definitely couldn’t face her.
Instead i started playing the piano more; sometimes i’d play until my fingers ached. I guess focusing on that stopped my tears from coming.

He still came to my scans with me; played the part of “loving boyfriend and soon to be father” for the doctors. It was the only warmth I got. I found myself finding comfort in his ” part”, it reminded me of before i fucked everything up.

He’d go back to giving me the silent treatment as soon as we left. I was in my 3rd trimester… There was no going back now.
The hospital soon became my favourite place; at the house, no one bothered me; until Annabella came back from boarding school that December. I was playing piano as usual; when I caught her watching me. I stopped.
ANNABELLA: Sorry.. Please don’t’s beautiful Luna.
I saw her eyeing my bump.

LUNA: Its twins… AC- Sidney’s twins.
She smiled at me briefly before going to her room. I carried on playing, the song my dad had taught me as a kid.

The next time any of the family spoke to me was Christmas morning. Cecilia had left a Christmas sweater and a hat with a note reading ” wear me and come downstairs”

Great. My first proper Christmas in 6 years with a bunch of people who hated me. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. I went downstairs to find the three Goths downstairs already, thankfully Cecilia was the only one dressed, so at least that was a silver lining yanno as i was still in my pj’s.
Before i could think Annabella had dragged me over to the sofa.

ANNABELLA: Look; Luna.. I’m sorry for how i’ve treated you. I guess christmas is the best time for apologies right? I’m sorry I was too quick to judge you. I hear you’re doing really well and my mother told me you aren’t dreadful.
LUNA: erm thankyou? Sorry i kinda invaded your home ..again.
ANNABELLA: you have nothing to be sorry for… Just promise me you’ll stay off the drugs okay please.
She looked towards my stomach.

LUNA: I promise..
She smiled at me. It was so damn weird. I felt like I was in opposite land. The queen bitch was the only one treating me like an actual person.

Ace called me over to him pretty much straight after, he grabbed my hands.
ACE: Merry christmas Luna. Open the small box from my mom first okay.

Ooookay. That was fucking weird, but i did as he told me. I opened the small box, i fell back in shock. What the fuck? I looked up towards Cecilia who just smiled at me. I stood,

LUNA: If this is what i think it is.. I can’t accept it. Not after what I did.
CECILIA: Nonsense. You are family. Ace has been out fixing it up for the both of you. There’s not enough room here; and you are NOT raising my grandchildren in that hovel you call an apartment.
That key. Is yours Luna. Accept my gift.
Now girl go get dressed, dinner is almost ready.
She got me a fucking house?! I didn’t deserve this. Dinner was beautiful, but I could barely ate it.

The three of them laughed and joked like it nothing had happened.

Had I just imagined their anger and the silence?! What. the. FUCK.

My treatment was finally coming to an end; and I was having my last visit with my counsellor; Dr. Aphrodite Moran.

The session itself went as normal; i’d spout my feelings at her and she’d “hmm” and pretend to be interested, like most shrinks do.
But when the session was over things got weird.

DR. Moran: It must be hard being the daughter of a psychopath like Dorian Lothario; the “San Myshuno Slasher”
Luna: Excuse me?
DR. Moran- Miss Lothario; can i be frank with you darling?
LUNA: Your the doc, you can be whatever you want to be.
DR. Moran: This may be unprofessional; but i took a special interest in your case
Luna: What d’ya mean?
DR. MORAN: My maiden name is Lothario. Aphrodite Lothario. I’m your aunt. Dorian Lothario was my younger brother.
The doc looked no older than me; what she was saying was fucking insane.
LUNA: You’re right Doc. That IS unprofessional. Laters. Psycho.

As i went to leave i felt a cold hand grab me.
LUNA: Hey let me go you crazy bitch.
APHRODITE: Wait you’re probably wondering ?! Right?! How i’m so young? I had an addiction too Luna! It hurt a lot of people! But i made a transformation into a ” me” where i could control myself. Someone helped me and i can help you!
LUNA: what part of let me go did you not UNDERSTAND?!
I swung her in front of me.

 I beat the shit out of her, but her face didn’t mark, no blood.. no anything.


I pulled her to her feet, my hands around her neck. No one talks about my dad like that. I wanted to kill this crazy bitch. i guess blondie had other ideas because what i saw next made my blood run cold, I’d gone from having a tight grip on her skinny neck, to being on my back.

 Aphrodite was enveloped in black smoke, before i could blink she was on top of me, her skin was like fucking snow, and her face looked like the stuff nightmares are made of. Like a cracked porcelain doll, her outfit had changed too; a corset and mini skirt had replaced her normal clothes. What the fuck was this shit.

APHRODITE: Don’t be scared of me.. Luna. You’re just like him. You’ll be more of a monster than I ever will be, I told you i transformed. I’m a succubus turned vampire and i’m still not even HALF the monster HE was. I’m glad he’s gone. The first thing I did was spit on that bastards grave. You’re lucky i’m not him… I don’t kill family.
I was too scared to talk.. I felt the warmth of my own piss crawling down my leg.
Aphrodite sniffed the air and smiled at me;
APHRODITE: 150 Main Street. Willow Creek. Go there. If you cross my path again. I will make your life hell… kid. LEAVE.
She got off of me and I bolted.
Once i got home; i changed my clothes; and left to find 150 main street, I needed to know what was there. Vampires and succubus existed?! My dad was dead?! My FUCKING SHRINK was my immortal fucking aunt ? My brain felt like it was gonna implode. Shit the kids?! After all that i hoped they were okay. FUCK!!!

I recognised the house as soon as i got there; i ran to the back and found three graves; this was the place my dad had took me.
I read the graves;
Don Lothario, Luna Lothario.. my grandparents, and next to them; Dorian Lothario. I fell to the floor as i let out a cry.
I felt relief at that moment, a more than needed relief. i felt a kick. Standing up i whispered; “Meet ya grandparents, kids”, i was in shock. He was dead.. When? How?

HOLY FUCK. I jumped out of my skin. My first thought was that psycho bitch had come to get me.
Instead i was face to face with some middle-aged hippy with long grey hair.
LUNA: what of it? How’d ya know my name Lady?
BLAZE: I’ve been looking for you for SIX years! I’m your auntie Blaze.
Great another relative. FUCK this.

LUNA: Clearly.. You didn’t look hard enough did you. I shrugged at her as i walked past. Nice knowing ya.

I heard her start to cry. SHIT. I looked down at my jeans, they were soaked. GOD. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK, Contractions had started and my breathing was going insane.


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