The Lost Girl Chapter 3


Willow creek, I’d been to this neighbourhood once

as a kid 8 years ago,Dad had taken me and my brother to visit my grandparents graves. Not exactly a happy memory.. It was already daylight by the time Ace pulled up he parked the bike behind an old mansion, it looked hella fancy. It made the villa i grew up in look like nothing, but the place creeped me out a little, The kinda place i’d expect vampires to live..

After we got off the bike i followed him. stopping dead in his tracks he turned towards me and hugged me; he whispered in my ear..
Ace: My family should be out; when they get back you need to be quiet.
Luna: What ?
Ace: You’re staying here; ok? You shouldn’t be out on the street and you don’t need that fucking junk.
Luna… Erm, Okay.
I was in shock; I couldn’t believe what he’d just said. A few hours ago he basically told me it didn’t matter if I OD’d. Now he wanted to get me off it and keep me in his home?! I could’a told him to fuck off then and there but; part of me; really wanted to just stay by his side y’know? Plus having a roof over my head was a good enough deal for me. Win win.

I followed him to the front of the mansion and he gestured me to follow him inside. He must have read my face;
Ace: C’mon i promise its not as haunted as it looks! he chuckled

He was way off, i wasn’t worried that the place was haunted; i couldn’t believe this was where he lived.
It all made sense; The guy came from money; no wonder he was willing to throw away 100 Simoleons.
The place was gorgeous. My eyes soaked it all in as he took me to his bedroom.

Ace: Theres a shower in the en suite, get clean.I think theres some old clothes that used to belong to my aunt Cassandra; you can wear them, i think they’ll fit.
I didn’t even know what to say; what d’ya say when someone does this? Theres not really words for it ya know? So i showed my gratitude my own way. What says thank you more than free of charge sex right? I didn’t really want him to pay anyway. That’s sign 2 of having feelings for a fucking client.
 We spent the whole day in bed, either fucking or talking,

i told him everything, about my family, about my dad about me;

I don’t get why but Ace made me feel like a better person… I didn’t need to be a bitch; i didn’t need my walls up. I felt safe.. and loved? FUCK i don’t know, all i knew was that he was the first person i opened up to… the only person i opened up to in fact. I guess it was the calm before the storm.. and that calm was broken at about 7pm that night.

“SIDNEY ALEXANDER GOTH” I woke from my nap in a panic,
I’ve never heard such a fucking screech in my life!
Ace grunted. “YES?! Mother?”
“COME HERE!”, Ace let out a deep sigh before heading downstairs.

My world was turned on its head in a second, I slowly felt the goosebumps form on my skin, nausea hit me like a tonne of bricks. I needed my fix; and Sidney. mother fucking Sidney?!
Ace came back, i was leaned against a small love seat; man i was pissed. I was fucking fuming.
Luna: Fucking SIDNEY?

LUNA: What the fuck am i to you? A fucking pet?! Oh lil rich boy takes in the poor lil smack head it’ll be so much fun. Look mommy can i fucking keep her?!

Ace: Luna?.. Lu-
LUNA: SHUT THE FUCK UP! I TRUSTED YOU! I told you EVERYTHING.. and you couldn’t even tell me your real name?? FUCK YOU!

i couldn’t take it, my vision blurred as tears filled my eyes and i curled up on the floor. I guess screaming at him was a bad idea because not two minutes later the door burst open.
she didn’t even let him get a word in..

“LOOK AT HER! SHE’S A JUNKIE! YOU BROUGHT A junkie into this house!”

The next thing i remember i was being escorted out of the house. The gates locked behind me; Ace had rushed over.

Luna: Just.. leave me alone. okay?
Ace: No. I can’t you aren’t a fucking pet Luna.
He looked me dead in the eyes.
ACE: i love you Luna. .. Take this. I’ll see you tomorrow at your place. I promise.
I left; i looked at the crumpled notes he’d given me.

100 bucks..

Snow fell hard that night and the hospice were going around giving everyone blankets, I changed into the pj’s i’d worn that night.. It was the warmest thing i owned, then i waited… and waited but he never came. Every time i heard an engine i’d jump up like a puppy, it took me a week of waiting to realise he wasn’t coming. I’d lost everything all over again. It was time to spend that 100 bucks on the only thing that never left me; Heroin. i bought as much as i could get; and prayed that i would OD.

—Present Day—
Ace: You know why i didn’t come!
Luna: Yeah, but i didn’t know then did i? Dickhead.
There was an awkward silence, as we watched over the city from the balcony.

After a while we sat down, he held me close and kissed my forehead.

Luna: We will never work.. We never have, never will.
Ace: So its not even worth trying right?
Luna: Bingo.

He sighed and got up.
Ace: I’m gonna hit the bong; you joining ass face?

Luna: in a bit… Sid.

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