The Lost Girl chapter 2


Jobs are hard to come by when ya a high school drop out, whos done jail time. Factor in that i’m an ex-junkie and ya got yourself a perfect recipe for unemployment. Lucky for me; I live next to a strip club that was more then happy to take me on after a lil persuasion. But a strippers wage don’t cut the bill so i give my customers a little more choice than ya regular dancers. Ive been turning tricks since i was 14. No biggie. All that combined with Ace’s drug dealing, and our credit card scams keeps us living a decent life. I mean we aren’t quite shitting money but y’know how it is.

Work was pretty slow tonight, i got off around 2 am, then this fucking guy.. this fucking guy comes over.

GUY: Hey sugar tits, you workin’ i got some Blow. Boys tell me you’d do anything for a line hahaha.
LUNA: Maybe a long time ago guy…
I laughed, its true, 3/ 4 years ago i didn’t give a fuck. If i got some coke or even better some Junk i’d be happy to fuck em til sunrise. But that was the old me; girls gotta change sometime right?
GUY:OK, Well how much for a fuck?

I blanked him; I’d had enough of this guy. I just wanted to go home. But this guy. JEEZ.
suddenly he grabs me, this wasn’t good. Ace wasn’t outside yet.
Luna: Hey let go of me
GUY: What ?! my money not good enough for ya whore? You ain’t no fucking princess
I spat at him, He didn’t even wipe it off his face before he punched me. No hesitation, just a fist in my face. It hurt like a bitch, but i wasn’t gonna let him know that.
Luna: Ha, is that all ya got? You punch like a girl.

His face was bright red as his hand coiled back.
I’d never been more happy to hear that mother fuckers voice.
Talk about timing right?
GUY:This bitch man; shes fucking picky for a cheap fucking whore.

ACE: oh yeah? is that right, well i guess she deserves it then..
Ace winked at me.
Guy: Yeah, you can fuck off now dude
Ace: oh ? OH ? can i? OH BOY!
Guy: Hey man. whats your problem, you want some of this too ,
he said waving his hand.
ACE: oh baby, i would love to.
Ace made a kissing gesture while batting his eyelids. the next thing. The guy turned on ace, they fought but it didn’t last long, a moment later the guy was out.

i screamed as i kicked him. I glanced at Ace. and fuck me; i have never been more turned on in my life. I mean if Ace hadn’t shown up that guy coulda done anything right?!
I heard a lot of talk about this serial killer called the San myshuno Slasher who was around a few years back, and i already had enough horror in my life time.

Ace was my hero. I ran over and kissed him and it felt amazing. He kissed back; and the next thing i knew we were at the apartment. It reminded me of when me and Ace first met. I told you, if i said i didn’t love him I’d be lying.

 The morning after; we laid in bed and talked, I’d not done that in a long time. Usually its in and out, literally.     

Luna: Ace?
Ace: Yeah?

Luna: This isn’t gonna work is it?
Ace: Does it ever?..

4 years ago:

I heard the revving engine of a motorbike; quickly jumping up from my bed i threw the needles down and rushed to the road side; sticking out my thumb.
The bike stopped and i looked at the guy, he must have only been a few years older than me, he was pretty hot.

Luna: Hey guy, you fancy a good time? 10 bucks
Ace: Underselling yourself there cutey.
This guy was fucking retarded. I had used enough gas station bathrooms to know what i looked like..
Luna: Flattery gets you nothin’ 10 bucks.
Ace: I’ll give ya 100.
ok. No way did this kid have 100 bucks to throw away.
Luna: Don’t be a cunt. 10 bucks
I didn’t even have time to think before i was in the air.

Luna ;Put me down. what the fuck.
Ace: I told ya i’d give you 100.
The first thing i learnt when i started turning tricks was not to let feelings happen. But the next thing i knew i was kissing the guy. The first time i realized i had feelings? huh i asked his name. I never ask names.

His name was Ace. Over the next few days he’d come and see me; and we’d fuck just about anywhere.

Sometimes we’d talk.

One day he broke. I’d seen him eyeing up the needles that were lying around my ‘bed’,

Just reading his face i knew it made him uncomfortable. I don’t know why but i wanted to push his buttons.

Luna: yes. Its heroin.
Ace: Yeah, figured.
He just shrugged?! he just fucking shrugged?! Where the fuck was his grand reaction?
Ace: I just stick to weed usually. Maybe some sniff sometimes.
Where was the horror where was the ‘Junkie bitch’!?
Luna: Y’know, i could OD… then who would ya fuck?
Ace: i guess i’d find some one else.
Those words cut me like a knife. What the fuck, Hes been coming here all this time and wouldn’t even give a shit if i OD’d.
I couldn’t help it, i never expected to be crying my eyes out in front of a john but here i was. I felt his arms reach around me.

ACE: Luna.. You are a fucking idiot.

He paused for a second before getting up and walking over to his bike.
ACE: Come with me.

I got up,i felt like i was under a spell; quietly i climbed on to the back of the bike. I didn’t know where he was taking me or why. but i felt safe. The safest I’d felt in a long time. i held him tight as he drove; my mind racing at where we could be going.

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