DORIAN Chapter 2


So, maybe I lied when I said I worked two jobs. What are you gonna do about it? Officially I’m ONLY a restaurant owner. It’s not like its a money laundering cover or anything. 

 Its not like there’s a basement full of dirty money from various illegal strip clubs, robberies and we definitely AREN’T supplying illegal fire arms, and don’t even start.. there is NO drug operations going on at all. Unfortunately some people believe this bullshit. Some cops have been sniffing around the restaurant. Turns out one of my waiters went a little cuckoo and decided to sing a little song for some detectives. I don’t like rats and I really hate rats who could send me to prison. Making shit up like that…

I had to teach this guy..
“you can’t just make stories up Johnny!”

You know when a guy literally pisses himself in front of you? Do you know what that’s called? That is called respect..

Blow torch in his face, the bastard told me everything, I didn’t even need to turn it on.
I got all the info I needed, thankfully none of his urine got on my newly shined shoes.

*Smash* I cracked him over the head with the back end of the blow torch , i don’t have time for rats, if i see another one in MY restaurant they won’t be as lucky.

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